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  • [[Image:Samson-Delilah.jpg|thumb|240px|'''''Samson''' and Delilah'' by [[Gustave DorĂ©]]]] ===Samson and Delilah===
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  • The bombe searched for the correct settings of the Enigma rotors, and required a suitable "c encrypting/decrypting a recording of a speech by [[Winston Churchill]], Delilah was not adopted for use by the military.
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  • ...eakness for untrustworthy women. In the final episode, it is the beautiful Delilah who betrays him to his enemies. With his hair cut and his powers gone, the ... problems arising from it. The second is the tale of his relationship with Delilah, which begins with him standing between two gateposts at dawn, and ends wit
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  • ...ited the status of both her parents as a slave by birth. She was raised by Delilah until the latter died around 1819. She then was raised by her mother's mist ... in [[Brooklyn]]. When she learned that Norcom planned to come to New York searching for her, she retreated to [[Boston]], where her brother was staying. She
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  • ...e night with a prostitute in Gath, and fell in love the Philistine beauty, Delilah. * Dothan, Trude Krakauer, and Moshe Dothan. 1992. ''People of the Sea: The Search for the Philistines''. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company. ISBN 978-002
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  • ...d in touch with the English court, and had helped Charles' agents in their search for pictures. He had also sent back some of his own works, including a port [[Image:Anthonis van Dyck 052.jpg|thumb|260px|''Samson and Delilah,'' ca. 1630. A strenuous history painting in the manner of Rubens; the satu
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