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  • ...ter Brown Library]] was opened as an independent historical and cultural research center based around the libraries of [[John Carter Brown]] and [[John Nicho === The new curriculum ===
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  • ... is based upon achievement and successful completion of the ''collège'' [[curriculum]]. Such success includes an examination, but also the evaluation of a ''con ===Curriculum===
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  • ...web|url =| title = Emory University |publ ... connection to the [[Methodist Church]], while also developing a secular [[curriculum]] and administration. The university consists of nine academic divisions in
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  • ...ord Lectures]] in 1979-80. In 1996, he was named the Academic Senate’s Research Professor, the highest professorial rank at Santa Barbara. In 2000, he was ... editorial consultant for the major [[BBC]] television series, ''The Long Search'' (1977) while his ''The World’s Religions'' (1989) also reached a popula
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  • ...and books on ancient [[literature]] and [[Chinese poetry|poetry]], and [[research]]. Traditional Chinese remains ubiquitous on buildings predating [[communis ...equirements as set out by the law" and it could potentially complicate the curriculum.<ref>'''' [
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  • Since “living things are machines for the purposes of description, research, and analysis,” Denton wrote, it is legitimate to extend the analogy betw ...avorable case for intelligent design” in order “to balance the overall curriculum” in [[biology]] classes. The book concluded: “Any view or theory of ori
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  • |type = [[Education]] and [[Research]] [[Institution]] ...ximately 80 percent and provide scholarships to all M.Tech. students and research scholars to encourage them to pursue higher studies. The cost borne by unde
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  • ===Spiritual research=== ...''The Essential Steiner.'' ISBN 0060653450), 3-11</ref> Anthroposophical research seeks to attain in its investigations of the spiritual world the precision
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  • ... Human Nature'' bear a striking resemblance to part of Malebranche's ''The Search after Truth.'' In general, Malebranche had a keen understanding of crucial ... study theology at the [[Collège de Sorbonne|Sorbonne]]. At the time, the curriculum of the Sorbonne was largely scholastic (centered around the works of [[Aris
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  • ...on University''' is a [[private university|private]] [[coeducation]]al [[research university]] located in [[Princeton, New Jersey|Princeton]], [[New Jersey]] ...s and Ph.D. programs in a range of subjects. Among many others, areas of research include [[anthropology]], [[geophysics]], [[entomology]], and [[robotics]],
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  • A '''university''' is an institution of [[higher education]] and [[research]], which grants [[academic degree]]s at all levels ([[bachelor degree|bache ...ion or society.<ref>[ University] ''Online Etymology Dictionary''. Retrieved March 13, 2
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  • ...uel Krauss, [ Joshua (Jesus) Ben Gamla,] Jewish Encyclopedia Retri ...nguage]], while Experimental Language Schools teach most of the government curriculum in English, and add French as a second foreign language. Both types can be
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  • ...ter of citizenship education, which was introduced in the British school [[curriculum]] in 2002. ... the Teaching of Democracy in Schools.] (London, UK: The Qualification and Curriculum Authority), 3. Retrieved October 22, 2008.</ref> She had co-chaired the gro
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  • centered on [[document]]s and included the notions of [[hyperlink]]s, [[search engine]]s, remote access, and [[social network]]s. (Obviously these notions ... even warned if their query was likely to produce more than 50 results per search.<ref name=day/>
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  • ...nce is the study of computation.''" [ Computer Science Department, College of Saint Benedict], Saint John's Unive ...ave given birth to new approaches for [[teaching]] and [[learning]]. For research in various fields, computer science has greatly enhanced the processes of d
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  • ... [[Mexico]], to American parents. Charles established the first musicology curriculum in the U.S. at the [[University of California]] in 1913, helped found the [ "uncle." Charles also taught part-time at the [[New School for Social Research]]. Career and money tensions led to quarrels and reconciliations, but when
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  • ...hing]], [[learning]], and reflecting that combines an academic classroom [[curriculum]] with meaningful service, frequently youth service, in the [[community]]. ...uctivism to Inform, Tertiary Chemistry Pedagogy." ''Chemistry Education: Research and Practice in Europe,'' vol. 2, pp. 215–226, 2001.</ref>
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  • ...Conversion of the Heathen,'' that just as [[Jesus of Nazareth|Christ]] had searched out and preached to the lost, so those who are called to imitate him shou ..., that is, for Western knowledge in Eastern dress, which Carey's Serampore curriculum aimed to offer. His stress on education and on the need to penetrate the cu
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  • ...anguages, and the integration of scientific study to the normal university curriculum. He placed considerable emphasis on [[empiricism]], and has been presented ...sseteste]], and the bishop of Lincoln. In the course of his teaching and research, he performed and described various experiments.
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  • The [[Industrial Revolution]] in Britain, the consequent search for markets, and the rise of [[laissez-faire]] economic ideology form the b ...nstilled with a sense of duty. Charles Grant, one of the architects of the curriculum, saw them as first and foremost Christian gentlemen, “men who would be no
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