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  • ...for years or [[indentured servant|indenture]]). In [[Europe]], most tenant farmers were [[peasant]]s. ...ming#Peonage|peonage]], and [[Tenant farming#Métayage|Métayage]]. Tenant farming is distinct from the [[serfdom]] of [[Middle Ages|medieval]] Europe, whe
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  • ...ominal fee of $10, to any male [[homestead]]er able to establish a working farm on that land within three years. Living on single-family homesteads would n ...ruit]]s and [[vegetable]]s. Many of the men found it necessary to take non-farm jobs, especially in [[railway]] construction, while the women stayed behind
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  • ... "Was the Ukrainian Famine of 1932-1933 Genocide?" ''Journal of Genocide Research'' 1 (2) (1999): 147–156. [ ...thumb|Cover of the Soviet magazine ''Kolhospnytsia Ukrayiny'' ("Collective Farm Woman of Ukraine") dating December 1932]]
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  • The main ideas to come out of Marx and Engels' collective works include: ... of developments and changes in human societies in the way in which humans collectively make the means to life, thus giving an emphasis, through economic analysi
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  • ...ulture|agricultural]] area commonly referred to as "Canada's breadbasket." Farmland covers about 94 percent of the land and is the dominant domestic econom Despite the predominance of [[farming]], less than 10 percent of the population is involved in agriculture. It
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  • ... Though Koreans and Japanese worked alongside each other in the village on farms and construction projects, the Japanese civilians turned against their Kor ...rities mistrust, refusing to allow them to run any of their own collective farms, mills, factories, schools, or hospitals. Instead, those tasks went to sev
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  • ...vich Gagarin and mother Anna Timofeevna Gagarina, worked on a [[collective farm]].<ref name="time2006">{{cite web |url= In 1960, after an extensive search and selection process Gagarin was selected with 19 other cosmonauts for the
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  • ...escribe things of a bear-like nature, while the [[English collective nouns|collective noun]] for a group of them is a ''sleuth''. Male bears are called '''boars' ...oth bear is threatened both by hunting and by conversion of its habitat to farm land (Nowak 1983; Ward 1995; IUCN 2007).
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  • ...rade (Day 1981). However, on the other hand, the treatment of minks on fur farms remains a focus of animal welfare activism. ...scapes or by deliberate release by [[animal rights]] activists. Release of farmed mink may be misguided, as most die within two months (Hammershøj 2004) a
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  • ...rative positions in the federal government's [[Resettlement Administration|Farm Resettlement program]], the [[Works Projects Administration|WPA]]'s [[Feder ...h century.<ref name=Tick>Judith Tick, ''Ruth Crawford Seeger: a Composer's Search for American Music'' (Oxford University Press, 2000, ISBN 978-0195137927).<
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  • ...birth of a younger brother, Bertram, was expounded by happy times together searching for [[fossil]]s and keeping pets. They spent hours exploring the woods, ...nce of trying to conserve the region. Later in life, land conservation and farming were to become her primary pursuits, after her career as a children's au
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  • family's summer home, Seven Acres, in [[Cape Cod]] and at her brother's farm, Porto Bello, in rural [[Maryland]], Huntington developed an affection for ...s.<ref>[ National Museum of Women in the Arts] '''' Retrieved July 22
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  • ====Oyster farming==== ...examination.) Since the beginning of the twentieth century, when several researchers discovered how to produce artificial pearls, the cultured pearl market h
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  • "Last Days at Owl Farm"] ''Rolling Stone''. Retrieved November 20, 2008.</ref> While working on th ...n trail and attend the [[1968 Democratic Convention]] in [[Chicago]] for research purposes. From his hotel room in Chicago, Thompson watched the clashes betw
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  • L. DeWitt]], head of the Western Command, requested approval to conduct search and seizure operations to prevent alien Japanese from making radio transmis ...ees were eventually offered "[[parole]]" relocation to the labor-starved [[farming]] community in [[Seabrook, New Jersey]].<ref>Seiichi Higashide, [http://
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  • effort by settlers, which was essentially an attempt to turn the tenant farmers into agricultural laborers, exacerbated the Kikuyus' bitter [[hatred]] o ...or situation in the highlands, thousands of Kikuyu migrated into cities in search of work, contributing to the doubling of Nairobi's population between 1938
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  • ...ed in cosmetics and soaps. Like the ostrich and emu, they are commercially farmed. Beyond these values, rheas provide a unique beauty when seen grazing in ...Eucalyptus]]''&mdash;the greater rhea can be a species quite beneficial to farmers. It will eat any large [[invertebrate]] it can catch; its food includes
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  • ...Lexington Green (Pitcairn), 96 at Concord Bridge (Laurie) 120 at Barrett's Farm (Parsons). Additional 1,000 reinforcement for the return to Boston (Percy) ...ligence]] weeks before the expedition which warned of an impending British search, and had moved much, but not all, of the supplies to safety. They had also
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  • ...s," and had adjusted their lifestyle to become "prosperous and industrious farmers and stockmen" (Mooney 1909). ...on a seasonal basis, while also maintaining more permanent areas that they farmed. [[Camassia|Camas]] was a staple, baked and dried to preserve it not only
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  • ...'s [[Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace]] has provided key research on [[Communism]] and continues do important work in analyzing contemporary ...debate… The university is foremost a place for teaching, learning, and research. Its fundamental purpose is not the resolution of political issues—no mat
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