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  • ...dern school of [[history of economic thought|economic thought]]. The term "classical" refers to work done by a group of economists in the eighteenth and ninetee ...] held sway, emphasizing the maximizing of exports and minimizing imports, classical economists promoted a radically different approach. They essentially regard
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  • ...itive psychology]] to behavior therapy. Further developments may include research from cultural, spiritual, neurological, and biological sciences. ...[operant conditioning|operant]] [[reward]] and [[punishment]]. [[Classical conditioning]], which aims to affect changes in behavior through associations between st
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  • ...en in 1752 by [[Paul Möhring]] and adopted as the English common name. In classical mythology, [[Rhea (mythology)|Rhea]] is the daughter of [[Uranus]], the sky ...rds are released into the wild in [[reintroduction]] projects. [[Classical conditioning]] of greater rhea juveniles against predator models can prevent this to som
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  • ...etween five major kinds of unemployment: cyclical, frictional, structural, classical, and Marxian. Real-world unemployment may combine different types, such tha [[Classical economics|Classical economists]] reject the conception of cyclical unemployment as inevitable,
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  • ...u need statistics? Revisiting Kinsey's methodology" ''The Journal of Sex Research'' 35 (2) (May 1998): 132-140, ISSN 0022-4499.</ref> More modern and precise research by [[Edward O. Laumann]], reported in ''Sex in America: A definitive survey
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  • ...ays distinctly different from those practiced in the [[Classical economics|Classical]] Anglo-Saxon world of [[David Ricardo|Ricardo]] and [[John Stuart Mill]]. <blockquote>The emergence of economics in Germany as a research program was shaped to a great extent by the pedagogical environment in whic
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  • ...ployee, Norman Clare, who shared Ray's passion of films, chess and western classical music.<ref>{{Harvnb|Robinson|2005|pp=40-43}}</ref> In 1949, Ray married [[B ...usical traditions, and not to his film; also, his greater grasp of western classical forms, which he regarded as essential, especially for his films set in an u
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  • Many researchers believe that skin darkening was an adaptation that evolved as a protecti Current research establishes that human beings are highly genetically homogeneous, meaning t
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  • ...ivision of European history into three "epochs": the [[classical antiquity|classical civilization]] of antiquity, the Middle Ages, and the [[Modern world|modern The Middle Ages conventionally ends with the rebirth of classical arts during the Italian Renaissance; the epochal discovery of the [[New Wor
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  • ...n one of the wealthier men of Athens.<ref name="Br">"Pericles" in ''Oxford Classical Dictionary.'' (1996).</ref> Simon Hornblower has argued that Pericles' sele An Overview of Classical Greek History].</ref>
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  • ... propounded the idea that all people must seek to understand truth, as the search for truth is ultimately a form of participation in God. Both Plato and Aris ...[[Thomas Aquinas]] (c. 1225-1274) and his predecessors, is usually called "classical theism." It emphasized the transcendence of God to the considerable neglect
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  • ...rating the philosophies of [[Hegel]], [[Feuerbach]], and others, British [[classical economics]] according to [[Adam Smith]] and [[David Ricardo]], and the [[so ===Classical Marxism===
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  • ...ed on May 18, 1897. Before writing ''Dracula,'' Stoker spent eight years researching European folklore and stories of vampires. Stoker's inspiration for the Before writing ''Dracula,'' Stoker spent seven years researching European folklore and stories of vampires, being most influenced by [[Em
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  • ...ce, or with representing them symbolically. According to Kapila Vatsyayan, Classical Indian architecture, Indian sculpture, Indian painting, Indian literature ' ... of social and cultural factors. The distinctive focus of the section is research and education in the field of sensory modalities in relation to product des
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  • the same time developed their own views which sometime have been less researched in China or in [[Japan]]. ... techniques related to the [[Chinese Classics|Classics]], the scientific research centers or the Confucian inspired poems and paintings. It is valuable also
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  • ...f name="Helgen2005" /><ref name="Helgen2003"/> Cuaron et al. report that research conducted by many different scholars concludes that the Cozumel raccoon and Newer threats to their survival that have been researched in recent years are diseases and parasites <ref name= McFaddenWadeDuboviG
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  • ...ries of past lives, and find recalling such memories helpful in therapy. Researchers such as Ian Stevenson have explored the issue of reincarnation in a [[sc During the classical period of [[Germany|German]] [[literature]], [[metempsychosis]] ("transmigr
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  • :''This article focuses on modern scientific research on the origin of life on Earth, rather than religious belief, creation myth ...aneous generation and the modern concepts of origination of life on Earth. Classical notions of abiogenesis, now known as spontaneous generation, held that comp
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  • immediate faith experience, is largely a mythical construct of naïve research. By its very nature, the human mind includes an element of reflection, no m ...s belief. From the times of the [[pre-Socratics]], Greek philosophers have searched for the ultimate origin of things in ways clearly distinct from polytheis
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  • ...doc=Perseus%3Atext%3A1999.04.0062%3Aid%3Ddemosthenes Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities]. ''perseus''. </ref> Aeschines, Demosthenes' greatest politica ...'''. </ref> According to Sir Richard C. Jebb, a British [[Classics|classical]] scholar, "the intercourse between Isaeus and Demosthenes as teacher and l
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