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  • [[Image:First Baptist Church Providence.jpg|thumb|The First Baptist Church of Providence, Rhode Island]] The '''Baptist Church''' is a [[Christian denomination]]—or group of denominations—that rejec
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  • ...[[painting]]s were needed to fill them. The [[Counter-Reformation]] Church searched for authentic [[religious art]] with which to counter the threat of [[Pro ...epend on public commissions, and for these it was necessary to look to the Church.
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  • ...onomy|16:8-10|KJV}}<ref>Bible gateway[].Retrieved September 29, 2007. </ref> Th ...ay from the Sunday after passover,'' a formula used today by the Christian Church. The Pharisees decoded the word "sabbath" from Leviticus 23:15 as referring
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  • |affiliations = [[United Methodist Church]]<ref name="International Association of ...web|url =| title = Emory University |publ
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  • ...gospel" from that preached by Paul. ([;&version=31; 1:6&ndash;9]) The Galatians were receptive t ... members of the Christian movement had been Jews. Thus, many in the Judean churches—who saw Jesus as the resurrected Jewish [[Messiah]]—understood that b
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  • ... God's bride.<ref>''Bible Gateway,'' [; Isaiah 54:5.] Retrieved November 23, 2007.</ref> Catechism of the Catholic Church.] Retrieved November 23, 2007.</ref> A less common metaphorical expression
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  • Ordained a Catholic [[priest]] in 1955, he was often at odds with the Church hierarchy over his peace activities, which ultimately became the focus of h ...[Tom Lewis]]; and poet, teacher and writer [[David Eberhardt]], and United Church of Christ missionary and pastor The Reverend James L. Mengel) poured blood
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  • ...nce their opposition to the campaign to legalize gay marriage.</ref> Other churches take the path of compassionate ministry: they include homosexuals as mand ...u need statistics? Revisiting Kinsey's methodology" ''The Journal of Sex Research'' 35 (2) (May 1998): 132-140, ISSN 0022-4499.</ref>
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  • ...Ark Which Noah Was Ordered to Make Figures In Every Respect Christ and the Church]. (The Christian Literature Publishing Company) ''Christian Classics Ethere ...Persians call it Ararat''".<ref>[ Church Fathers: Fragments from Commentaries on Various Books of Scripture]. ''Newa
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  • ...urn, Walter engaged in high-level ecclesiastical affairs with the Scottish church and political affairs with [[Domhnall II, Earl of Mar|the Earl of Mar]]. So ...18; James Hutchison Cockburn. ''The Medieval Bishops of Dunblane and their Church.'' (Dunblane: Society of Friends of Dunblane Cathedral, 1959), 104–105; G
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  • ...tain a great deal of fabricated material that expressed the beliefs of the church, not historical fact. He sliced huge portions of text from the gospels, sug ...with post-[[Easter]] theological reflections of Jesus' significance to the church.
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  • ...ovince, which is now part of [[North Korea]]. He founded the [[Unification Church]] (known formally as The Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of Wor {{readout||right|250px|Reverend Sun Myung Moon, founder of the [[Unification Church]], is often called "True Father" or "Father Moon" by his followers and othe
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  • ... of Europe," Charlemagne fostered a "Carolingian renaissance" in politics, church affairs, and arts and learning. ...ism between the [[Eastern Orthodox]] and [[Catholic Church|Western (Roman) Church]] over doctrinal disputes and issues of ecclesiastical authority.
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  • ...57</ref> He is described as an "honourable counsellor, who waited (or 'was searching') for the [[Kingdom of God]]" ([[Gospel of Mark|Mark]] 15:43), and accor ...ran]], [[Eastern Orthodox Church|Eastern Orthodox]], and some [[Anglican]] churches. His feast-day is March 17 in the West and July 31 in the East. The Ortho
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  • ...jpg|thumb|right|200px|Version of the ''Book of Mormon'' published by The [[Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints]].]] ...ter Day Saint groups as divinely revealed and is named after the prophet [[Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints|Mormon]] who, according to the text, c
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  • ...hristian]]s, especially in the [[Anglican Communion]] and the Old Catholic Church, and also by some Lutherans. [[Evangelicalism|Evangelical]] [[Protestant]]s ... Dominic and the Rosary.'' ISBN 0898705185</ref> However, most scholarly research suggests a more gradual and organic development of the rosary.<ref name=enc
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  • [[Quanah Parker]], a fearless Comanche leader, founded the [[Native American Church Movement]] after reportedly seeing a vision of [[Jesus Christ]] when given ...acquisition of the [[horse]], which allowed them greater mobility in their search for better hunting grounds.
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  • ...scussion of the Exodus and its aftermath. Likewise, they are encouraged to search for the ''[[afikoman]],'' the piece of matzo which is the last thing eaten ...alled ''[[chametz]]'') from all the cupboards and corners in the home. The search for ''chametz'' is often a thorough one, as children's rooms and kitchens a
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  • ... propounded the idea that all people must seek to understand truth, as the search for truth is ultimately a form of participation in God. Both Plato and Aris ...imself to stay in love with it.<ref>Karl Barth, "The Reality of God," in ''Church Dogmatics'', vol. 2, part 1, ed. G. W. Bromiley and T. F. Torrance (1957; E
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  • ... the Church]], he is considered by many Roman Catholics to be the Catholic Church's greatest theologian. Consequently, many [[Institutions named after Thomas ...ut these years, he remained engaged in the public business of the Catholic Church.<ref>Schaff, [ The New
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