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  • ...Mann]], [[Hector Berlioz]], [[Franz Liszt]], [[Oscar Wilde]] and [[Charles Gounod]]. Each retelling of the Faust legend builds, in some way, off of the previ ...r at least two successful operas: ''[[Faust (opera)|Faust]]'' by [[Charles Gounod]] and ''[[Mefistofele]]'' by [[Arrigo Boito]]; and major works for soloists
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  • ...78-0028657332) has it that she did not graduate [, Annie] Retrieved May 19, 2007. J. Michael McBr ... (she was a leading member of the [[National Secular Society]] alongside [[Charles Bradlaugh]]), [[birth control]], [[Fabian socialism]] and [[workers' rights
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  • ...rd question, "Dost thou love me?"<ref>II.ii.90</ref> By doing this, she is searching for the reality, rather than the exaggeration of their love. Other forms ...sic Educators Journal'' 54(7) (Mar 1968): 36-38.</ref> The [[libretto]] in Gounod's play was by [[Jules Barbier]] and [[Michel CarrĂ©]].<ref>Stanley Sadie. '
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  • ...of writing an opera, he declined once more. They threatened to ask Charles Gounod instead, but Verdi would not budge. However, when they threatened to engage ...d ''"Aida"'', Verdi was free of Wagner's influence. Although respectful of Gounod, Verdi was careful not to learn anything from the Frenchman whom many of Ve
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  • held almost no interest for him; he spent his time, almost obsessively, searching for the temples and structures of the ancient world, ultimately discover ...ared in 1814, and was subsequently the inspiration for operas by [[Charles Gounod]], [[Arrigo Boito]], and [[Ferruccio Busoni]], as well as symphonies by [[F
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  • ... political tensions in the ducal court of Weimar, Bach began once again to search out a more stable job that was conducive to his musical interests. Prince L ...H’ motif. Another familiar transcription is the ''Ave Maria'' by Charles Gounod, based on the first prelude of ''The Well-Tempered Clavier''. [[Andres Sego
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  • ...y Cecilia herself before her martyrdom. However, according to De Rossi's researches, the property belonged most likely to the family of Cecilia and passed in ...[Lombards]]. In a vision, he saw Cecilia, who exhorted him to continue his search. Soon the body of the martyr, draped in costly material of gold brocade and
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