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  • ...nna M. Shepherd, ['capital%20punishment%20terrorist' Capital Punishment and the Deterrence of
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  • ...rom the compulsory state. Anarcho-capitalism is a utopian vision rooted in capitalism, but to be realized it requires that both human beings and institutions ren ...opposes private property.<ref>''Encyclopædia Britannica'' Online: [ "Libertarianism"]. Retrieved July 30 2007 </ref>
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  • ...[[martial law]], the declaration of Bangladesh's independence, [[Operation Searchlight|military suppression]], devastation during war, and natural calamities ...ndation (architecture)|foundation]] in [[Bengal]].<ref>[ Chawk Mosque (Dhaka)]. accessdate 2007-07-06 </ref>
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  • ...any healthy society. [[Marxism|Marxists]] in particular claim that it is [[capitalism]] and the greed of the capitalists that causes unemployment to continue. Ot ... ones; it is compatible with [[full employment]]. (It is sometimes called "search unemployment" and is seen as largely voluntary.) It arises because either e
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  • ...d the [[Information Processing Technology Office]] (IPTO) to further the research of the [[Semi Automatic Ground Environment]] (SAGE) program, which had netw ... commercial Internet providers connect via [[Internet exchange point]]s, research networks tend to interconnect into large subnetworks such as the following:
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  • ...ia and the Pacific and Indian Oceans.<ref>Jared M. Diamond, ['s_gift_to_the_world Taiwan ... Corcuff (ed.), ''Memories of the future: national identity issues and the search for a new Taiwan'' (Routledge, 2002, ISBN 0765607913).</ref> Several subseq
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  • the late seventeenth century;<ref>''Banglapedia'', [ Musa Khan Mosque] ...'Khwaja Shahbaz's Mosque-Tomb,''<ref> ''Banglapedia'', [ Khwaja Shahbaz's Mosque-Tomb]. accessdate 2008-09-09</
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  • ...rded in [[United States|U.S.]] [[culture]] as critical components of its [[capitalism|capitalistic]] [[society]]. In this light, differences among rates of growt On the ''supply''-side, research studies have shown that entrepreneurs are convinced that they can command t
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  • ===Search and destroy=== ...nt," and pledged himself to devoting the rest of his term in office to the search for peace in Vietnam. Johnson announced that he was limiting bombing of Nor
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  • ...t known for a series of novels and the modernist play, ''Six Characters in Search of an Author.'' This play demonstrates the impact of [[relativism]] in mode ...o Niccomedi'' staged, at the Valle di Roma, the play ''[[Six Characters in Search of an Author|Sei Personaggi in Cerca d'Autore]]''. It was a clamorous failu
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  • ...ll the Chinese students, had just turned 16.<ref>Jonathan D. Spence, ''The Search for Modern China'' (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 1999, ISBN 0393307808) ...conomy is not the definition of socialism, because there is planning under capitalism; the market economy happens under socialism, too. Planning and market force
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  • ...; the [[freedom to petition]]; and the rights to be free of unreasonable [[search and seizure]]; [[cruel and unusual punishment]]; and compelled [[Fifth Amen ...gainst "[[cruel and unusual punishment]]s",<ref>Article 9</ref> baseless [[search and seizure]],<ref> Article 10</ref> and be guaranteed a [[jury trial|trial
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  • ... propounded the idea that all people must seek to understand truth, as the search for truth is ultimately a form of participation in God. Both Plato and Aris ...ism]], gauging from the later schools of Hinduism that were seemingly on a search to define god as ultimately one; even within these early texts, it seems cl
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  • ...]] and sons, probably as hostages. Ben-Hadad then demands to be allowed to search Ahab's property, but the elders of Israel dissuade Ahab from agreeing, ange *Finkelstein, Israel. ''David and Solomon: In Search of the Bible's Sacred Kings and the Roots of the Western Tradition''. Free
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  • ... scribes and [[Humanism|humanist]] scholars of the early fifteenth century searched for ancient [[minuscule]]s to match the Roman inscriptional capitals. Pra *McKitterick, David. ''Print, Manuscript, and the Search for Order, 1450-1830''. New York, NY: Cambridge University Press, 2003. ISB
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  • ...]] follows, and after three years, a desperate Ahab sends an expedition in search of pasture land for his horses, who face death from lack of water. His pala ...he-Israelite.aspx#Article Ahab the Israelite]. ''Associates for Biblical Research'', January 2, 2006. Retrieved January 7, 2019.</ref> Ahab is described as c
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  • ... left over from the war pockmark the stone walls.<ref>M. A. Aldrich, ''The Search for a Vanishing Beijing: A Guide to China's Capital Through the Ages'' (Hon * Aldrich, M. A. 2006. ''The Search for a Vanishing Beijing: A Guide to China's Capital Through the Ages''. Hon
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  • ...h the ''Weather Underground'' by authorizing FBI agents to perform illegal searches of their homes. He was [[pardon]]ed by President [[Ronald Reagan]] in 198 ...tion|FBI]] agents to break into homes secretly in 1972 and 1973, without a search warrant, on nine separate occasions. These kinds of FBI burglaries were kno
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  • ...despread rioting. The Dutch military searched houses of Chinese in Batavia searching for weapons. When a house accidentally burnt down, military and impoveri
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  • <blockquote>The emergence of economics in Germany as a research program was shaped to a great extent by the pedagogical environment in whic Based on these principles, the task of the economist was to study history in search of clues to the relationship between the social and economic organization o
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