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  • ...: '''שופר''') is a [[horn (anatomy)|horn]] that is used as a [[musical instrument]] for [[Jewish]] religious purposes. It is intimately connected with both [ ... famously at the Battle of [[Jericho]]. It later served as an accompanying instrument for the performance of [[psalms]] in the [[Temple of Jerusalem]]. Since the
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  • ...ns]]. Through these musicians, he most likely gained access to the largest instruments he had ever played. It is also probable that he became acquainted with the ...y attracted to the Italian solo-tutti structure, in which one or more solo instruments alternate section-by-section with the full [[orchestra]] throughout a move
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  • Quintet, String Orchestra and Percussion'' and his ''Sonic Sequence for Brass'' (both composed in 1967), were recorded by the National Orchestra Associat :''Concerto for Brass Quintet, String Orchestra and Percussion'' (1967)
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  • A large number of Dominicans have left the Dominican Republic in search of economic opportunity, settling primarily in the [[United States]] and [[ ... and danced faster. Its syncopated beats use [[Latin percussion]], [[brass instruments]], [[Bass guitar|bass]], and [[piano]] or [[Musical keyboard|keyboard]]. N
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  • ...s of man. He experimented with pitch and rhythm to produce chamber, single instrumental, and orchestral works which were living testimonies of a composer who alw ...ense of wonder of that which is created, meditation on the mystery and the search for Truth. This wonderful freedom is like a foretaste of the freedom of Hea
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  • ...el's ''Con Voce'' (with voice), where a masked trio silently mimes playing instruments. In this example sound, a common element, is excluded, while gesture, a le ...c)|pulse is sometimes taken as a universal, yet there exist solo vocal and instrumental genres with free, improvisational rhythms with no regular pulse.<ref>Juli
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  • ...mb|right|A method of making [[Chinese astronomy|astronomical observation]] instruments at the time of [[Qing Dynasty]].]] ...gnery Pub., 2005. ISBN 9780895260383)</ref><ref>Agustín Udías Vallina. ''Searching the heavens and the earth: the history of Jesuit observatories.'' (Astro
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  • ...and [[Sonny Rollins]], Coltrane fundamentally altered expectations for the instrument. ===Instrumentation===
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  • [[Image:Didgeridoo Entier1.jpg|thumb|350px|A didgeridoo. This particular instrument is more ornate than most.]] ...longer the instrument, the lower the [[Pitch (music)|pitch or key]] of the instrument. Keys from D to F♯ are the preferred pitch of traditional Aboriginal play
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  • ...most a father figure to the young Armstrong. Armstrong later played in the brass bands and riverboats of New Orleans, and first started traveling with the w ... [[improvisation]]. Through his playing, the [[trumpet]] emerged as a solo instrument in jazz. He was a masterful ensemble player in addition to his extraordinar
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  • ...nterior decoration of a temple or palace.<ref>[ Definition: Himalayan 'Style' Art] Retrieved February 9, ...of murals in Jokhang Temple shows people singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and engaging in sporting matches. Murals of folk sport activities and acro
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