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  • one major difference. A shadow government refers to an organization or group of non-state actors that are behind the scenes directing the actions or "pu ...on Foreign Relations]], the [[Trilateral Commission]] and the [[Bilderberg Group]] have also been accused of operating as a shadow government.
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  • ... was the influential English art critic [[Roger Fry]], of the [[Bloomsbury Group]], who at the 1926 Sargent retrospective in [[London]] dismissed Sargent's In December 2004, ''Group with Parasols (A Siesta)'' (1905) sold for $US 23.5 million, nearly double
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  • ... in [[London]] and Boston Spa and is one of the world's most significant research libraries, holding over 150 million items. The library's collections includ ...he user's experience, building the digital research environment, improving searches, enlarging the British national collection, library staff development, an
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  • ...u philosophy.<ref name="Williams15">Williams (2001), 15.</ref> Thus in his search, covering literally the length and breadth of India, Nilkanth Varni present ...e acharyas came from his immediate family after sending representatives to search them out in [[Uttar Pradesh]].<ref name=Williams34-36/> He formally adopted
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  • ...s origins. [[Soviet Union|Soviet]] propaganda insisted Hitler was a Jew; research suggests that it is unlikely that he had Jewish ancestors. Historians such ...dmitted to a field hospital, temporarily blinded by a poison gas attack. Research by Bernhard Horstmann indicates the blindness may have been the result of a
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  • ...of having new people to talk to. But tensions quickly developed within the group forced to live in such confined conditions. After sharing her room with Pfe ...utzstaffel Oberscharf├╝hrer Karl Silberbauer of the Sicherheitsdienst, the group included at least three Security Police. The occupants were loaded into tru
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  • Across the globe, local Sathya Sai Baba groups assemble to sing ''[[bhajan]]s'' (Hindu devotional songs), study Sathya Sa Sai Baba turns 82, is still going strong] ''CNN-IBN'' (Novem
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  • ...age of three. She recited "Little Bo Peep" in her mother's amateur theater group production. Leigh was introduced to authors [[Hans Christian Andersen]], [[ .... Wait and see."<ref>Terry Coleman, ''Olivier, The Authorised Biography'' (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2005, ISBN 0747583064), 76-77, 90, 94-95. </ref>
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  • ... departed in order to execute the second purpose of his voyage: namely, to search the south Pacific for signs of the postulated southern [[continent]] of ''[ ... on both of the headlands. At about 2 p.m. they put the anchor down near a group of six to eight huts. Two aborigines, a younger and an older man, came down
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  • ...of American music, but the move was original enough to inspire three other groups to start their own labels that same year. As soon as the pressing plant Ca ...n 1969. One of the labels most prominent contracts was with the experience group, [[The Wailers]] comprised of five artists including future superstars, Bun
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  • Burroughs was arrested after police searched his home and found letters between him and [[Allen Ginsberg]] referring t ...ris]].<ref>Lee Hill. ''A Grand Guy: The Art and Life of Terry Southern.'' (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2002.
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  • ...ted to the discovery of Wisdom and the transmission of Learning, through research and through undergraduate, graduate and professional education of the highe ...eges 2009, [ National Universities Rankings,] ''U.S. News and
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  • ...travelling the world as an individual speaker, speaking to large and small groups, as well as with interested individuals. He authored a number of books, am ... and continue to transcribe and distribute many of his thousands of talks, group and individual discussions, and other writings, publishing them in a variet
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  • ...r Music Center]], is the oldest center for electronic and computer music research in the United States. It was founded in 1958, by [[Vladimir Ussachevsky]] a clumsy, and a few composers sought better technology for the task. That search led three independent teams to develop the world's first playable electroni
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  • ...response to both [[Neoclassicism]] and [[Romanticism]], and for the entire group, history had no artistic relevance or importance.<ref>Frederick Hartt, ''Ar ...s fascinated by the new art of photography, and used it as an aid in his researches into reality, becoming a remarkably proficient photographer himself. Eaki
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  • ...a previously popular form of arrangement, which meant all animals would be grouped together, for example). Johnson's masterwork could be judged as the first ...anguages, most notable [[Hebrew]], [[Sanskrit]], and [[Arabic]], words are grouped together according to their root word, with the roots being arranged alph
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  • ...quenced. The sequencing of the [[rice]] genome and a large international research community have made rice the de facto cereal/grass/monocot model. Another [ ...unction of plants and their cells and tissues. Examples of physiological research includes the study of [[photosynthesis|photosynthetic]] pathways in differe
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  • | selection =[[List of astronauts by selection#1960|Air Force Group 1]] In 1960, after an extensive search and selection process Gagarin was selected with 19 other cosmonauts for the
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  • ...s president of the [[Philolexian Society]], the campus literary and debate group. ...and the American poet [[Walt Whitman]]. The power of Ginsberg's verse, its searching, probing focus, its long and lilting lines, as well as its [[New World]]
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  • ...and, [[Gottfried Lessing]]. They were married shortly after she joined the group and had a child together, but the marriage also ended in divorce in 1949. G was that of a seeker, and her readers were akin to followers. Her own searching became the subject of one of her most important novels. "The Golden Note
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