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  • Ashoka was the son of the [[Maurya|Mauryan]] emperor Bindusara by a relatively lower ranked queen known as Dharma. Ashoka had several elde ...dest of them, Prince Susima, the traditional heir to the throne, persuaded Bindusara to send Ashoka to quell an uprising in the city of Taxila in the northwest
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  • ... at his side as Prime Minister and chief adviser, and later served his son Bindusara in the same capacity. *Chānakya searched for one worthy for him to rule through, until he encountered a young Chan
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  • ...done commendable and untiring work in the field of oriental studies. The researches well-recorded by them are of utmost importance even today. Jones was not satisfied with the Indian sources. He tried to search the Greek and Roman accounts. These accounts supplied some information abou
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  • ...Jainism in southern Indian region. Chandragupta was succeeded by his son [[Bindusara]], who expanded the kingdom over most of present day India, except [[Kaling Bindusara's kingdom was inherited by his son [[Ashoka|Ashoka The Great]] who initiall
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