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  • ...''''', of the [[mustard]] family ([[Brassicaceae]]), grown as an annual or biennial, and characterized by a large, fleshy root and white to purple hermaphrodit Brassicaceae consists only of [[herbaceous]] plants with annual, biennial, or perennial lifespans. The [[leaf|leaves]] are [[phyllotaxis|alternate]]
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  • growing season, or it may be produced each year, as a [[Biennial plant|biennial]] or [[Perennial plant|perennial]], from plant parts that remain below the ...glish language'' (American Heritage). 2016. [ Herb]. Retrieved August 11, 2016.
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  • ... School]]'' and then in a variety of styles and techniques documenting his search for a personal voice. These paintings are most definitely representational, ...t is only the knowledge of Mondrian's later achievements that leads one to search for the roots of his future abstraction in these works.
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  • from a life-boat at sea or from an isolated land location (signalling a searching rescue aircraft). ...April 15, 2000, the FCC reduced the Extra Class requirement to 5 WPM.<ref> Biennial Regulatory Review—Amendment of Part 97 of the Commission's Amateur Servic
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  • ...ope]], which emphasizes a dichotomy of extensive fieldwork and scholarly research. Despite their differences, cultural anthropology, social anthropology, and, from superficial to deep, in symbols, heroes, rituals and values. My research has shown that organizational cultures differ mainly at the levels of symbo
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  • ...e of Enlightenment|Enlightenment]] writers such as [[Voltaire]] promoted research into Zoroastrianism in the belief that it was a form of rational [[Deism]], ... used a similar term, philosophy, or “love of wisdom,” to describe the search for ultimate truth.
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  • ...tuality)|vision]] and led his band on a long [[Human migration|migratory]] search for sacred [[tobacco]], finally settling in southeastern [[Montana]].<ref n ...enth century, various eastern and northern tribes pushed on the Plains, in search of game, bison, and more horses. Because the Crow, Hidatsa, and [[Shoshone]
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  • ...etmgeta]], [[Olu Oguibe]], [[Lubaina Himid]], and [[Bill Bidjocka]]. Art [[biennial]]s are held in [[Dakar]], [[Senegal]], and [[Johannesburg]], [[South Africa ... Art has become a speedy process thanks to the development of computerized search engines. More exposure comes from the trend of sponsoring African art by ba
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  • ...e to place as his father, George Stegner, a restless man who was always in search of a way to get rich quick. After a short time in an orphanage at the age o The letter was read at the Sierra Club's Seventh Biennial Wilderness Conference, and later published in full in the ''[[Washington Po
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  • ...n 1979, John Abrahamson presented evidence of carbon nanotubes at the 14th Biennial Conference of Carbon at Penn State University. The conference paper describ ... the initial buzz that is now associated with carbon nanotubes. Nanotube research accelerated greatly following the independent discoveries<ref>D.S. Bethune,
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  • allowed to maintain its virtual monopoly over trade in exchange for the biennial sum and an obligation to export a minimum quantity of goods yearly to Brita The [[Industrial Revolution]] in Britain, the consequent search for markets, and the rise of [[laissez-faire]] economic ideology form the b
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  • ...ted in communes, as individual suffrage serves every other employer in the search for workers, foremen and accountants for his business.<ref name="civil war" ... used to designate the thinkers affiliated with the Institute for Social Research or influenced by them: It is not the title of any institution, and the main
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  • ...]] window depicting them.<ref>Stained glass windows [ mym's Photostream at]'. Retrie ... 69 countries attending the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children Biennial Conference held at the University of Warwick.
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  • [[Martin Frobisher]]'s 1576 search for the [[Northwest Passage]] was the first well-documented post-[[Christop ...ts/minisa.dll/144/proe/proarc/se+arctic,+v.+19,+no.++1,+Mar.+1966,*?COMMANDSEARCH The Arctic Institute of North America: the origin of the Institute] ''Arcti
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  • ...Scott, [ In Search of the Best] ''The New York Times'', May 21, 2006. Retrieved January 11, 20 ...fetime achievement in fiction on the world stage, the fourth winner of the biennial prize.<ref>[
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  • [[James Cook]] explored the coast in 1778 in search of the [[Northwest Passage]]. The [[Lewis and Clark Expedition]] traveled t The biennial Oregon Legislative Assembly consists of a 30-member Senate and a 60-member
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