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  • '''Biblical criticism''' is a form of [[literary criticism]] that seeks to analyze the ...hich seeks to establish the original text out of the variant readings of [[biblical manuscript|ancient manuscripts]]; and [[source criticism]]—also called [[
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  • ...gnificance, as they include practically the only known surviving copies of biblical documents made before 100 C.E. and preserve evidence of considerable divers ...opper Scroll and the MMT (or 4QMMT) text. Biblical Hebrew dominates in the Biblical scrolls, and DSS Hebrew in scrolls that some scholars believe were composed
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  • ...rubiel.<ref>[ Cherub] Retrieved February 25, 2008.</ref> ==Contemporary Biblical criticism==
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  • [[File:Jerusalem ruins from Davids.jpg|thumb|200px|[[Archaeology|Archaeological]] ruins of Jerusalem from [[David|King David]]'s time.]] ... Tunnel: Warren's Shaft Theory of David's Conquests Shattered." ''Biblical Archaeology Review'' 25 (1)</ref> According to many textual scholars the claim in the m
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  • The Dead Sea Scrolls have been lauded as the single most important [[Archaeology|archaeological]] discovery of the twentieth century. This high honor comes ...rancisco, 2002, ISBN 0060600640).</ref><ref>Lawrence Schiffman, ''Biblical Archaeology'' 58(1), Mr. 1995.</ref> The large cemetery nearby may contain some answers
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  • ...he stone tablets, which symbolized God's covenant with Moses. According to Biblical tradition, the Ark of the Covenant was built in the wilderness of Sinai dur ===Biblical Accounts===
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  • [[Category:Archaeology]] ==Archaeology==
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  • ...[Ishmael]], [[Isaac]], [[Jacob]], [[Joseph (Hebrew Bible)|Joseph]], [[Job (Biblical figure)|Job]], [[Jethro]], [[David]], [[Solomon]], [[Elijah]], [[Elisha]], ...), 69 </ref> However, many Jews and Christians believe that the historical biblical archaeological record refutes this assertion, because the [[Dead Sea Scroll
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  • ...'' has been traditionally attributed to James the Just. A number of modern Biblical scholars, such as [[Raymond E. Brown]], while admitting the Greek of this e ...tholic Encyclopedia, "The Brethren of the Lord"] </ref> Despite this, some biblical scholars tend to distinguish them; this is also not Roman Catholic dogma, t
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  • ...abic]]: الحرم الإبراهيمي) is a burial chamber for the early biblical Patriarchs ([[Adam]], [[Abraham]], [[Isaac]], and [[Jacob]]). ...s]] and [[Muslims]] who maintain that the site is the burial place of four biblical couples: (1) [[Adam and Eve]];<ref>However, some Christians maintain a trad
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  • ...notes 2 and 3, p. 90, in Papademetriou.</ref> Tischendorf had been sent to search for manuscripts by [[Russia]]'s [[Tsar]] [[Russian Emperor Alexander II|Ale Codex Sinaiticus page at]
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  • ...uled by both Jewish and Christian commentators and scholars. Nevertheless, Biblical literalists today continue to take the Ark as test-case for their understan ...e="JE Noah">[ Jewish Encyclopedia: Noah]. McCurdy, JF, Bacher, W, Seligsohn, M, Hirs
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  • ...s understood through theological tradition. Most scholars in the fields of biblical studies and history agree that Jesus was a [[Jew]]ish teacher from Galilee ...hen.'' (Grand Rapids: Wm. B. Eerdmans, 2004. ISBN 0802809774), 34</ref> of biblical scholars argue that Jesus never existed as a historical figure, but was a p
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  • The biblical writers are harshly critical of Ahab for supporting [[Baal]] worship alongs ==Biblical account==
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  • ...]] and sons, probably as hostages. Ben-Hadad then demands to be allowed to search Ahab's property, but the elders of Israel dissuade Ahab from agreeing, ange To this, biblical scholars add the sources known as the Elijah cycle and the Elisha cycle, wh
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  • It should be noted that the story of Saul is largely written and edited by biblical writers who favored the southern, or Davidic, [[Kingdom of Judah]]. Our pic However, biblical scholars suggest that some of the details in the story of Saul's childhood
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  • ...and power. He is described as an Israelite potentate of unequaled reach in biblical history, his empire's borders stretching from the [[Euphrates River|Euphrat The biblical portrait of Solomon is paradoxical. On the one hand, he is portrayed as a p
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  • ...her relationship with King Solomon, which often depict them as lovers. The biblical text, [[Song of Solomon]] (Song of Songs), contains some references, which ...rrative given in the ''Kebra Negast''--which has no parallel in the Hebrew Biblical story--is that King Solomon invited the Queen of Sheba to a banquet, servin
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  • ...ef> ''The Acts of Jesus'' (1998),<ref name="Acts">''The Acts of Jesus: The Search for the Authentic Deeds of Jesus.'' (Harper SanFrancisco, 1998, ISBN 006062 ... proof on those who advocate any passage's historicity. Unconcerned with [[biblical canon|canonical]] boundaries, they asserted that the ''Gospel of Thomas'' m
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  • ...loh until it was captured by the [[Philistines]] in the battle of [[Aphek (biblical)|Aphek]] during the time of the high priest [[Eli]]. ...of the [[Elohist]] source according to the [[documentary hypothesis]] of [[biblical criticism]]. In [[Samaritan]] tradition, Shiloh was an illegitimate rival s
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