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  • {{Psychology}} ...llness]]. The field is intended to complement, not to replace, traditional psychology. It does not seek to deny the importance of studying how things go wrong, b
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  • ...effort against the Germans. More generally, however, the name Lord Haw-Haw applied to the various announcers who took part in the broadcasts. Joyce had a sing *[ "The Search for Hanoi Hannah"]
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  • [[Psychology|Psychologically]], humans have a highly developed [[brain]] capable of abst ...body|body]]. For many, it is this inner essence that explains the unique [[psychology|psychological]] and [[sociology|social aspects]] of humans and is the princ
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  • ...ding cultural factors. His research has continued to be influential in our search to understand the human mind. ...]], and [[psychologist]] W. H. R. Rivers, turned to [[anthropology]] and [[psychology]]. In 1913 Bartlett was awarded a fellowship at St. John's College.
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  • ...lysis, the "Third Viennese School" of [[psychotherapy]]. His book, ''Man's Search for Meaning,'' chronicled his experiences as a [[concentration camp]] inmat ...For his ''Matura'' (final exam) in [[high school]] he wrote a paper on the psychology of philosophical thinking. After he graduated from high school in 1923, he
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  • ...diers serving within a combat unit does have the advantage of allowing for searches on female civilians, and in some cases the female areas of segregated [[m ...eeing men to the actual fighting service. A voluntary Lotta unit manned an searchlight battery of Finnish [[anti-aircraft artillery]] in defense of Helsinki
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  • [[Category:Psychology]] ...ard, punishment, and reinforcement are used. A form of behavior therapy, [[Applied Behavioral Analysis]], was a breakthrough therapy in the treatment of [[aut
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  • ...ssification developed by the [[Library of Congress]]. It is used by most research and academic libraries in the U.S. and several other countries—most p ...ress Classification:Class B—Philosophy, Psychology, Religion|Philosophy, Psychology, and Religion]]
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  • ...e, learning, and memory.<ref>Gary R. VandenBos, (ed.), ''APA Dictionary of Psychology'' (Washington, DC: American Psychological Association, 2007, ISBN 978-15914 this mainstream view, a small group of neuroscientists has persisted in searching for evidence suggesting the possibility of a human mind existing and ope
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  • ...nd [[cognitive science]] in an effort to understand the connection between psychology and aesthetics. Aside from Dutton, others exploring this realm include Bri ...inkers, for instance, have argued that the difference between fine art and applied art has more to do with value judgments made about the art than any clear d
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  • ...pective is found in diverse traditions and discipline, including [[Gestalt psychology]] and [[Chinese Medicine]]. ...sophy views the world as an organic whole, and the holistic perspective is applied to the medical theories and practices such as [[acupuncture]] and [[herbal
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  • ...omen's college affiliated with Columbia University) in 1923, majoring in [[psychology]], and enrolled in graduate school at [[Columbia University]]. While in her ...nstitute, the Scientists Institute for Public Information, the Society for Applied Anthropology, and the American Association for Advancement in Science.
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  • ..., psychoanalytical interpretation of [[dream]]s, [[symbol]]ism, and [[folk psychology]]. ...ogether with [[Sandor Ferenczi]] he developed the first psychoanalytical research on these problems.
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  • ...character, and the empirical disciplines known as [[religious studies]]: [[psychology of religion]], [[sociology of religion]], [[history of religion]], among ot immediate faith experience, is largely a mythical construct of naïve research. By its very nature, the human mind includes an element of reflection, no m
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  • ...ld]], [[empirical]] data in general, assertions about practical matters of psychology and society, especially when used without support from the other major theo ... part), 718–720, in J. M. Baldwin, (ed.), ''Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology, vol. 2.'' Reprinted, CP 5.565–573.</ref> This statement emphasizes Peirc
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  • [[Category:Psychology]] ...e that neither religious teachings nor will-power can defeat. Mainstream [[psychology]] has come around to the view that homosexuality is an innate condition, al
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  • ... June 2, 1996) was a [[cognitive psychology|cognitive]] and [[mathematical psychology|mathematical psychologist]], and a pioneer of [[cognitive science]]. A long ...bility|probabilities]]. His work had significant impact on fields beyond [[psychology]], such as [[economics]] and [[law]]. Amos Tversky's untimely death cut sho
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