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  • ...fe, among other reported phenomena. NDEs can be either heavenly or hellish experiences. ...879758708). </ref> while more paranormally inclined scientists claim these experiences to be evidence of a [[spirit world|spiritual world]].<ref>Neil Grossman, [
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  • As a youth, he claimed to have experienced heavenly [[Vision (religion)|vision]]s and [[Religious ecstasy|ecstasies]] Francesco's father went to the [[United States]] in search of work to pay for private tutoring for his son Francesco so that he might
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  • ...existing outside of earth, many scientists remain hopeful and continue the search. Given that the existence of life beyond earth has ramifications of the gre ...nal acts strongly influenced public opinion.<ref>J. Allen Hynek, ''The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry'' (Marlow & Company, 1998, ISBN 156924782X).</ref></b
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  • ...ense of wonder of that which is created, meditation on the mystery and the search for Truth. This wonderful freedom is like a foretaste of the freedom of Hea ...melody|melodically]] based on ''modes of limited transposition.'' Messiaen experienced a mild form of [[synaesthesia]] manifested as a perception of colors when
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  • ...02-27, [ Research: Christianity popular among China's Tang Dynasty citizens]. ''Xinhua''. acc ...despread religions in the empire of Genghis Khan, and the Nestorian Church experienced a significant revival during the Yuan Dynasty. [[Marco Polo]] (traveled in
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  • ...his was the happiest year of Vincent's life, cited in Kenneth Wilkie, ''In Search of Van Gogh'' (New York: Prima Publishing, Random House. 1991), 34-36.</ref ..., Van Gogh was aware that many of his faults were due to lack of technical experience. So in November 1885 he traveled to Antwerp and later to Paris to learn and
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  • ...many average children, so they paid little attention to their son's unique experiences. At the age of thirteen, he had a profound spiritual experience that would change his life forever. He took his Bible to a playhouse in the
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  • ...age by a family of bigfoots for a total of six days. Although a terrifying experience for Ostman, he was able to observe a [[nuclear family]] structure, a pronou walking slowly away from the camera. In addition to the film, both researchers were able to fill plaster casts of the creature's footprint. The legitim
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  • ... and misrepresenting the messages received by this method. Some users have experienced disturbing messages, while others have produced valuable information about ...(October-December 1944), pages 76-77</ref> Ouija board users have reported experiences of [[depression (psychology)|depression]], hearing voices, and seeing appa
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  • ...rigins of [[evolution]]; sentient computers; extra-terrestrial beings; the search for one's place in the universe; and re-birth all seen within a cold, foreb ... perfectionist who often worked for years on pre-production planning and research, Kubrick had a number of unrealized projects during his career. All but one
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  • ... footsteps, groans, and the lifting of a door latch that the Wesley family experienced in their house over the course of several months.<ref>, [http ...[Bell Witch]] in 1817, and activity surrounding the [[Fox Sisters]], whose experiences started the [[Spiritualism Movement]] of 1848. Others include the [[Tidwor
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  • ...ortation center. Other key industries include information technology and research, government services, mining, and tourism. Utah is home to five national pa ...e usually short and not severe. However, some mountain valleys, generally experience temperatures below 0 °F (-18 °C) 50 days per year. Sometimes the mountai
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  • ...] that prompted [[Charles Darwin]] to publish his own more developed and researched theory sooner than he had intended. Wallace is sometimes called the "fath ...ntelligence. In some of his writings, Wallace would report on individuals' experiences of various psychic phenomena.
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  • ...nformation prompted Franco to surreptitiously reposition his best and most experienced troops to camps near the Pyrenees and to reshape the terrain to be unfrien ...emi-capitalist nation. During the 1960s, Francist Spain's population would experience an enormous increase in personal wealth. Spain was admitted to the United N
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