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  • ...e legacies on earth. While many observers tend to generalize "traditional" African art, the continent is full of peoples, societies, and civilizations, each w Often, African art production has been related to [[ritual]] or [[tribal ceremonies]], as
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  • ...he [[essay]] develop into a periodical artform. The dates for "Restoration literature" are a matter of convention, and they differ markedly from [[literary genre ...]] literature that showed an increasing despair among [[Puritan]]s, or the literature of rapid communication and trade that followed in the wake of England's [[m
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  • ...l Apart]]'' (1958), which is the most widely-read book in modern [[African literature]].<ref>Kalu Ogbaa. ''Understanding Things Fall Apart.'' (Westport, CT: Gree ...d the use of English, a language of [[colonialism|colonizers]], in African literature. In 1975, his lecture "An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrad's ''Heart of Da
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  • |nation={{flag|African Union}}<br/>{{flag|Kenya}}<br/>{{flag|Tanzania}}<br/>{{flag|Uganda}} ...ow the only African language among the official working languages of the [[African Union]]. Swahili is also taught in the major universities in the world, and
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  • ...d in the production of an abundant [[French literature of the 19th century|literature]] exploring freedom for women. [[Charles Fourier]]'s [[Utopian Socialist]] ... and politicians who advocate women's rights in post-independent India. In literature, [[Amrita Pritam]], [[Sarojini Sahoo]] and Kusum Ansal are eminent Indian w
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  • | awards = {{awd|[[Pulitzer Prize for Fiction]]|1988}} {{awd|[[Nobel Prize in Literature]]|1993}} {{awd|[[Presidential Medal of Freedom]]|2012}} | genre = [[African American literature]]
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  • === Pan-African and nonaligned movements === ... 1955, leading to the formation of the [[Non-Aligned Movement]]. The [[All-African Peoples' Conference]] (AAPC) meetings of the late 1950s and early 1960s spr
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  • ... [[King James Bible]], is considered one of the pinnacles of South African literature, as well as one of the most emotionally powerful novels of the twentieth ce In 1953 Paton founded the [[South African Liberal Party]], which fought against the [[apartheid]] legislation introdu
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  • '''Zora Neale Hurston''' (January 7, 1891 &ndash; January 28, 1960) was an African-American [[anthropology|anthropologist]], novelist, and dramatist during th Hurston's uniquely autobiographical style of relaying her anthropological research, however, was too far removed from the mainstream style of academic writing
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  • ... be culturally conditioned to some extent. Victorians in Britain often saw African sculpture as ugly, but just a few decades later, Edwardian audiences saw th ...e is the presentation of crime and murder. Some of the greatest poetry and literature and music depict or are based on human suffering, infidelity and adultery,
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  • | image =Above, an Indian elephant; below, an African elephant cow su Wellcome V0020918ER.jpg | image_caption = Above, an Indian elephant; below, an African elephant cow suckled by its young. Coloured etching by S. Milne after Capta
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  • ...d [[James Baldwin]], Ellison is considered to be one of the most important African-American writers of the latter twentieth century, and ''Invisible Man'' in ...of the most important and widely-read in all of twentieth century American literature.
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  • ...f the [[Harlem Renaissance]], an era marked by a creative flourish among [[African-American]] artists in [[Harlem]]. As a writer, Larsen showed early promise, ...ect matter. Larsen lived at the time where debates were common about black literature advancing the cause of blacks by projecting positive images of blacks as ac
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  • ...amongst Arab scholars to use the Quran as a standard by which other Arabic literature should be measured. Muslims point out (in accordance with the Quran itself) ...:IslamicGalleryBritishMuseum3.jpg|thumb|right|200px|Eleventh century North African Qur'an in the [[British Museum]]]]
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  • | caption = The groundbreaking of the [[African Burial Ground]], October 5, 2007 ...bruised."<ref>Henry L. Gates, Jr. (host),[ African American lives 2: A way out of no way (Part 2)]. '''', 2008. Retriev
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  • ...u need statistics? Revisiting Kinsey's methodology" ''The Journal of Sex Research'' 35 (2) (May 1998): 132-140, ISSN 0022-4499.</ref> More modern and precise research by [[Edward O. Laumann]], reported in ''Sex in America: A definitive survey
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  • .../ref> This tendency toward [[pseudepigraphy]] is also found in Apocalyptic literature, which claims that esoteric knowledge such as [[magic (paranormal)|magic]], Apocalyptic literature belonging to the pre-[[Christianity|Christian]] centuries contained element
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  • ...nd Anglo-Dutch War. The growing American colonies pressed ever westward in search of new agricultural lands. ...artedly, quickly emerging as the front-runner in the scramble for tropical African territories.
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  • ...ssification developed by the [[Library of Congress]]. It is used by most research and academic libraries in the U.S. and several other countries&mdash;most p ... of Congress Classification:Class P—Language and Literature|Language and Literature]]
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  • |genre = [[African American literature]] ...on viewers when it was serialized on television. ''Roots'' emphasized that African Americans have a long history and that not all of that history is lost, as
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