Shaolin Monastery

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Comment by Shaolin Temple on May 20th, 2023 at 8:53 am

, in the region of Songshan Mountain, Dengfeng City, Henan Province, is reputed to be ‘the Number One Temple under Heaven’. Shaolin Temple history can date back to Northern Wei Dynasty (386 – 534), and it played an important role on the development of the Buddhism in China. Included on UNESCO’s World Cultural & Natural Heritage List in 2010, it is the cradle of the Chinese Zen Buddhism and the Shaolin Martial Arts such as Shaolin Cudgel.

Shaolin kung fu is a symbol of Chinese martial arts. Shaolin Kung Fu is among the oldest institutionalized styles of Chinese martial arts. It has a long history and profound influence, The most prominent feature of Shaolin Kungfu is “chan wu he yi”, namely the chan wu he yi, practicing meditation, so there are “Zen martial arts”.

Zen Shaolin boxing alike due to the known world. “Fist to temple name, temple to boxing display.” After generation of monks long practical experience and historical evolution of the formation of the unique martial arts system, which in plain hardness and softness, moves varied combat style spread so far.

Comment by Jennifer Tanabe on May 20th, 2023 at 2:23 pm

Thank you for your comment providing additional information about the Shaolin Temple.
Our article will be revised to include some of these points.
Thank you again for taking the time to help make NWE a valuable information resource.

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