Gompers, Samuel

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Comment by Nancy Goldstein on October 26th, 2011 at 8:35 am

You left out a lot of pertinent information about Mr. Gompers that was critical to who he was and the mass suffering he caused. Mr. Gompers was not a benevolent figure: He employed the use of violence and incited and endorsed riots to remove
black American workers who had broken his union lines in order to feed their families. You should have noted that while many black Americans were fighting in the war risking life and limb to protect Jewish people in Europe, Mr. Gompers was displaying the same reprehensible racism right here at home. I am Jewish and I do not support racism or hatred against any persons. We should have all learned by now that when the door is opened to hatred against one group it increases the chance that your own group will be next. I am disgusted by your omission and wonder what your motive was since most scholarly works on Gompers do not fail to include this horrible part of who he was. I cannot read anything on your website now since you cannot be trusted to report the truth.

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