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Comment by Guntur Wiseno Putra on August 8th, 2020 at 8:11 am

Dear NWE,

I finded readings on “rabbit” published by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations –ones which may be interesting:

http://www.fao.org › …PDF
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The Rabbit – Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
The rabbit: husbandry, health and production. (new revised version). ISBN 92-5-103441-9. ( FAO Animal Production and Health Series, …
Imagewww.fao.org › …
Chapter 8: The rabbit
Rabbit, FAO dari http://www.fao.org
One male rabbit (buck) and two females (does ) given care and good feeding, will produce more than 50 rabbits a year. This means you … ·Terjemahkan halaman ini
Imagewww.fao.org › docrep
The rabbit husbandry, health and production – Food and Agriculture …
The rabbit; husbandry, health and production. (FAO Animal Production and Health Series, no. 21). 1. Rabbits. 2. Animal breeding. 3. · Terjemahkan halaman ini
Imagewww.fao.org › …PDF
Try the rabbit: a practical guide – Food and Agriculture Organization of the …
Rabbit keeping, rabbits, livestock production. Country of … Through proper guidelines, rabbit rearing not only requires … A young rabbit reaches maturity at five … Source: FAO 2010 … ·Terjemahkan halaman ini
Imagewww.fao.org › News
Breeding rabbits for food and income – FAO
Rabbit, FAO dari http://www.fao.org
Rabbits have significant potential to improve the food security of small farmers around the world, according to a new FAO publication, ” The … ·Terjemahkan halaman ini
Imagewww.fao.org › eims › agrotechPDF
Rabbits: A Production Guide
backyard rabbit is good to eat. The pearly- white meat of rabbits is nutritious.and very palatable, and easy to digest since it contains little … · Terjemahkan halaman ini
Imagewww.fao.org › …PDF
raising rabbits 2: feeding rabbits. Better Farming no. 37 – Food and Agriculture …
FAO (see last column). Libreria Scienfflica. Cott. Lucio de Biasio “Aeioo”. Via Meravigli 16 , 20123 Milan. Libreria Commissionaria. Sansooi … · Terjemahkan halaman ini
Imagewww.fao.org › presseng › pren0157
FAO Press Release 01/57
Global rabbit production is currently estimated at more than 1 million tonnes per year, according to FAO. The world’s largest producer is … · Terjemahkan halaman ini
Imagewww.fao.org › …
Rabbit project development strategies in subsistence farming systems
oleh SD Lukefahr · Dikutip oleh 71 · Artikel terkait
The world’s domestic rabbit population, estimated to be 709 million (Lukefahr, 1985), is comparable to 764 million swine (FAO, 1982). · Terjemahkan halaman ini
Imageworld-rabbit-science.com › FAO-Re…
WRSA – FAO publicatins in relation with rabbit production
FAO REPORTS and PUBLICATIONS in relation with small scale rabbit production in developing countries. Finzi, A. 2000. Integrated … · Terjemahkan halaman ini

Guntur Wiseno Putra

Comment by Jennifer Tanabe on August 8th, 2020 at 8:50 am

Thank you, Guntur, for your comment.
I will check out the resources you suggested and, if suitable, add the links to our article.
Thank you again for taking the time to help make NWE a valuable information resource.

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