Agramonte, Ignacio

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Comment by Elio Poblador on January 25th, 2009 at 7:45 pm

I am cuban born in Camaguey and now I live in the USA. (as many of us). Last week I went back to my country, I left Cuba when Mariel in 1980 and i decided, amoung other things, to go and visit the graveyard “El Cementerio” wich is famous due to the beautifull architectural style. Very sad when I witnessed how all that priceless beauty is literally fooling apart becouse of the obvious careless treatment from whomever is in charge of it, they call him “El historiador” who should be kicked out of that position after doing all the damage he is doing across the old city.But I got VERY UPSET and I mean VERY UPSET when visiting the Ignacio Agramonte site and noticed how abandoned and dirty (broken vases, old dirt, broken glasses…)it was. I took pictures of it. Come on guys. This is one of our greatest symbols of independence and our beautifull history before the Fidel’s Revolution, whe should not forget that there were other people and good things before 1959. “El Che” was nothing but an outsider from a different country and you has made him as popular as Mickey Mouse building monuments for him, printing his face all over the places and making him more important than any cuban warior. this is an issue that people don’t understand outside Cuba. Why don’t we do it with our endless list of great cubans who died for our freedom. Why don’t we take care of the remains of our own legends, why don’t we show more respect for them?
I would like an answer.

Comment by Clinton Bennett on January 26th, 2009 at 9:47 am

Thank you for the comment.

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