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Comment by Bruce Carroll on June 2nd, 2011 at 5:48 pm

The citation at the end of this article on criticism of FF by sociologist James Petras contains a vital error. Richard Bissell was never president of FF, but Paul Hoffman, founder of the Marshall Plan was its first president after H Rowan Gaither and my father (Thomas H. Carroll, former asst dean of Harvard Business School who directed officer candidate training for the U. S. Navy in WWII)) ran the original Study for the Ford Foundation in 1949 informed by national security perogatives and its elite players in academe, national security, banking and commerce. Paul Hoffmann took a leave of absence as president to run General Eisenhower’s presidential campaign.

Allen Dulles was actually considered to be president of FF, as was Earl Warren at one time! Richard Bissell came to FF to work on AREA II international economic development program creation. He actually failed. When Ike won the election, Hoffman was released by Henry Ford II, and H. Rowan Gaither and my Dad returned to FF in 1953 to run it for the Cold War administration of soon to be interventionist Ike.

My father took over FF AREA III from Bissell and succeeded in “inventing” a strategic and ambitious Ford Foundation program for international economic development and administration, while Bissell went on to push assassination possibilities with technical scientific director, the CIA master toxicologist and assassination manual author, Sidney Gottlieb.

Comment by David Burgess on July 11th, 2011 at 10:32 pm


Thank you for taking the time to clarify. Have adjusted the article to take your information into account.

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