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Comment by Mr. Smith on September 8th, 2009 at 2:28 pm

It’s not very professional or neutral to write that Danes generally are a reserved people, when others sources like Wikipedia writes that Danes are open and friendly to others. I have always heard that a typical part of the Danish culture is hospitality!! This does not cooperate well with what this article claims. It seems like the author’s personal opinion rather than a general cliam. It also has something to do with the lack of understanding of this culture. The reason why a Dane does not like when people show up at their door without notice, is not because of them being reserved!. It is because they want to have a chance to receive this person with food, cakes, cookies, coffee and a clean and organized house. It is also because the home is sacred and Danes enjoy privacy. The Jantelov does not mean that they don’t want others to succeed in life. It means that others, no matter their success, have to show humbleness and not act as if they are more worth than others. This is a part of the equal society that Denmark is, that everyone is worth the same.

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