Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Comment by john on October 5th, 2011 at 2:20 pm

This is SIMPLY NOT TRUE Citation ,,foreign debt and rampant inflation reduced the standard of living in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1980s. ,,For your information,right
now in the past 19 years ,standard of Living in Bosnia and Herzegovina is CATASTROFIC!! for almoust 70% of population ,you have 44,6% of unemployed,because of the Wild privatisation, planning destruction of companies wich they before the war,earned
BILLIONS of the USDollars$ from foreign markets,and from the worldvide exports.After the
war you have only meny newopened Shopping centers,for inported goods from the West.Is that Good standard of Living now ? for who? for the 10%of rich and 10%20% middle class,
and for owerdimensioned burocracy in rightnow Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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