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Comment by Teresa Shirley on July 26th, 2009 at 6:24 pm

I believe your genealogy reference for John Shirley is incorrect. Most Shirley genealogy researchers believe that John Shirley was the son of Christian Shirley and Roseanna Canote.

1). John 1794 VA died in 1876 Syrene, Texas. He married 1st Nancy Fowler April 6, 1818 in Clark Co. IN. They divorced in 1829. He married 2nd Fannie Minnich May 15, 1829 Knobs, Floyd IN. He divorced his second wife in 1836 married 3rd Eliza Pennington May 11, 1837 in Green Co. IN. She died Jan 6, 1894 near Dallas Texas.

On Jan 26, 1835 John and Fannie sold a 1/2 section in Clark Co. IN that John had bought from David Worth Oct 7, 1829 (Floyd Co. Books D page 234 and G page 604).

An abandoned cemetery at the Knobs has a tombstone for Clarissa, daughter of J. and F. Shirley d. Mar 30, 1836 in her 8th year. (Her birth date would be before the marriage of John and Fannie, but must be their daughter).

IN the 1850 census of Jasper Co. MO we find John and Eliza with Charlotte A. 12 years (1838) IN, John A.M. 8 years (1842) MO, Myra 2 years (1848) MO., Benton 9 months (1849) MO living in the household.

In the 1860 census John is recorded as a hotel keeper in Jasper Co. MO with property worth $10,000. In his household was his wife, Eliza, Allison 18 MO, (probably John A.M. in the 1850 census), Myra 12 MO, Edwin 11 MO (probably Benton in the 1850 census), Mansfield 8 years MO, Cravens 2 years MO.

In settlement of Christian’s estate in 1865 John received 6 20/100 acres. In 1873 the court recorded John Shirley of Jasper Co. MO did not pay taxes on the land for a number of years, and the land and debt was assumed by Denton Shirley, brother of John. The Floyd Co. IN records further show that John Shirley died by 1877 and that on April 17, 1877, a quit-claim was signed by Eliza Shirley, John Shirley and Myra Walker, all of Jasper Co. MO. (John’s widow, his son and daughter).

Eliza Shirley died in 1894 near Dallas Texas. In her death notice in the local newspaper it mentions Eliza for several years lived upon the charity of the Methodist Church of which she was a member. She was regarded as a pattern of piety.

Comment by Jennifer Tanabe on April 3rd, 2013 at 5:39 pm

Thank you, Teresa, for your comment. The article has been revised.

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