Bannock (food)

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Lammas Bannock eventually was assimilated into Christianity, and Marymas Bannock was made in honor of the Virgin Mary on the 15th August, the Feast Day of Mary (Feill Moire in Gaelic.) The Marymas Bannock would be made from grain gathered that day, and would be cooked over a fire. The father would take the bannock, break it up, and give a piece to each of his family in order of age. The family would then sing a song to Mary, walking clockwise around the fire. The ashes from the fire were then scattered in the fields.

A Lammas bannock was made from the grains that had been newly harvested. Later Lammas bannock became a loaf of actual bread made from the first grains harvested. Lammas bannock would be either given as a gift to the local clergy, or taken to Church to be blessed and brought home to have as part of the meal that day. Eventually the Lammas bannock became the Marymas bannock.

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