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Comment by "T" on January 13th, 2011 at 4:05 pm

Wow some incredible misrepresentations here. Where should one start?

Those at the feet of our Lord and Savior are not angels. They are and were those that have fallen for their faith. To suggest that they are angels in an insult to all that they represent and have sacrificed. Such a suggestion brings them down or opposes their very lives and purpose.

I truly don’t understand who has built this page and please forgive me but I truly don’t have the time nor am I inclined to prepare said corrections.

Please if this is your area of expertise and/or engiftedness “to coin a term” do take the time to review these facts and so on…

The Word of God is not the only manor through which God reveals the mysteries of the universe to men and women. For that very reason the Word contains very, very little in relation to all available knowledge nor was it ever intended that mankind stood upon it’s precepts without ever growing up and learning first hand as mature peoples.
(Please do not take offence to this.)
Do Try though opening up Galatians for example – written in anger to a Church in great contention who had been using the Word of God against one another in like manor.

God has so much more for you and I if one will simply take the time to begin to comprehend His Will from building a strong relationship and remaining unspotted from the world, etc, etc..- All other things will be added unto you and nothing is beyond Hope, possibility or understanding. Amen!


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