Andre-Gustave Citroen

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Comment by Pekka Suikka on February 14th, 2012 at 6:12 am

What grinding techniques and abrasive materials did Citroen use for the car production?
How it was possible to manufacture the essential motor cylinders and pistons, the double helical gears etc.? Or handle the massive production for the army during World War I?
The steel grinding needs abrasive matherials. Where these abrasive matherials were from?
From Marocco perhaps?
It is said that Marocco possess both abrasive Carborundum (silicon carbide) natural resources AND the technique to manufacture the grinding wheels and other technologies needed to handle and manufacture cylinders and pistons for French cars.(large Carborundum O-rings for the piston grinding and the Carborundum I- brick for the cylinder grinding, both just right sized to the cylinder. They made a pair, the piston and the right size cylinder always together)

More or less it seems Marocco has been a massive vendor of these Carborundum abrasive materials a long time ago. Also to other steel factories.
It seems after the World War II Marocco was controlled by many countries, like Spain, France, England, Italy (and also by Soviet Union and USA).
It is said also German (who lost the World War II) still benefits from Marocco after the war as it was before the war.

So it seems to me, Marocco has greatly gained the steel manufacturing processes by offering the abrasive silicon carbide and the grinding technology to others, perhaps being number-one vendor of these carborundum materials to the rest world.

And even manufacturing self the essential steel cylinder tubes and pistons to French cars, especially for the Citroen cars.

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