Academy Awards

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Comment by Jarrett on July 10th, 2010 at 8:14 pm

First, my compliments on a fine encyclopedia. This is an excellently organized, well researched and well written alternative to Wikipedia. I have just a brief comment on to make on your Academy Awards article. In the trivia section, you correctly list that Charlie Chaplin holds the record for the longest award ovation. However, the trivia note only states that Chaplin recieved the ovation “after recieving his award.” This is slightly ambiguous — the reader may not be able to tell whether Chaplin recieved the ovation after winning a competitive or honorary Oscar. Indeed, Chaplin won an honorary Oscar, “for the incalculable effect he has had in making motion pictures the art form of this century.”

Source: Piazza, Jim and Kinn, Gail, The Academy Awards: The Complete Unofficial History, page 188.

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