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This template uses Cornell's database.

You enter: {{UnitedStatesCode|x|y}} or {{usc|x|y}}
Template returns: x U.S.C. § y

You may also use this to specify a range of sections:

You enter: {{UnitedStatesCode|x|y|z}} or {{usc|x|y|z}}
Template returns: x U.S.C. § y

Please note that all titles have Wikipedia articles and the template will link to the Wikipedia article.


  • You enter: The [[Flag Code]] is found at {{usc|4|1}}.
  • Template returns: The Flag Code is found at 4 U.S.C. § 1.
  • You enter: Federal subject matter jurisdiction is found at {{usc|28|1331}}.
  • Template returns: Federal subject matter jurisdiction is found at 28 U.S.C. § 1331.
  • You enter: {{usc|10|371|378}}
  • Template returns:10 U.S.C. § 371
The template documentation below is transcluded from Template:UnitedStatesCode/doc [edit]

United States legal citation templates

Parameters in (parentheses) are optional.

Template Parameter(s) Description
1 2 3 4 pipe
{{UnitedStatesCode}}, {{USC}}, {{usc}}, {{usc3}} Title Section (end of section range)   (pipe) United States Code via Cornell University's Legal Information Institute
{{UnitedStatesCode2}}, {{USC2}}, {{usc2}} Title Section Description   USC via Cornell: description of the section
{{UnitedStatesCodeSec}}, {{USCSec}} Title Section   USC via Cornell: when citing one of a series of USC sections, where it would be redundant to display the full citation for each section, this template can be used to display only the section number.
{{usc-clause}} Title Section Clause   USC via Cornell: allows clauses
{{usc-title-chap}}, {{usctc}} Title Chapter (Subchapter)   (pipe) USC via Cornell: title/chapter links
{{USStat}}, {{usstat}} Volume Page     Statutes at Large via the Library of Congress or the Government Printing Office
{{USPL}}, {{uspl}} Congress Ordinal law   Public Law via GPO Access
{{USStatute}} Congress Ordinal law Volume Page   Combines {{USPL}} and {{USStat}}, then add Year ({{{5}}}), Month ({{{6}}}), Day ({{{7}}})
{{USBill}} Congress Bill type (S, SJ, HR, HJ) Bill number (1-?)   (pipe) Congressional bills via THOMAS
{{USCongRec}} Year Page   Congressional Record via GPO Access
{{USFR}}, {{USFedReg}} Volume Page   Federal Register via GPO Access
{{CodeFedReg}}, {{USCFR}} Volume Part Section   Code of Federal Regulations through GPO Access
{{CfrClause}} Volume Part Section Clause   CFR via GPO: Clause
{{ExecutiveOrder}}, {{EO}} Number   Executive Orders via Wikisource
Template 1 2 3 4 pipe Description



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