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This template is the master template for all of the United States county/parish templates. A sample is shown here:

{{US county navigation box
| template_name = Chester County, Pennsylvania
| county = Chester County
| state  = Pennsylvania
| seat   = West Chester
| map_image   = Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Chester County.svg
| map_caption = 

| title1 = [[City|Cities]]
| body1  = <div>
[[Coatesville, Pennsylvania|Coatesville]]

| title2 = [[Borough|Boroughs]]
| body2  = <div>
[[Atglen, Pennsylvania|Atglen]] {{!}} 
[[Avondale, Pennsylvania|Avondale]] {{!}} 

| title3 = [[Civil townships|Townships]]
| body3  = <div>
[[Birmingham Township, Pennsylvania|Birmingham]] {{!}} 
[[Caln Township, Pennsylvania|Caln]] {{!}} 

| title4 = [[Unincorporated community|Communities]] and [[census-designated place|CDPs]]
| body4  = <div>
[[Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania|Chesterbrook]] {{!}} 
[[Devon-Berwyn, Pennsylvania|Devon-Berwyn]] {{!}} 

[[Category:"State" county navigational boxes|{{PAGENAME}}]]

There are a total of 7 title/body pairs, so you can use up to "title7" and "body7" (of course, more can easily be added at any time).

Other optional parameters for special cases:

Use to set width of map image if different from default (currently 180px). Value is the number without "px", i.e.
| map_size = 80
Use this to change the default background color for the main title and sidebar titles, i.e.
color = #2e8b57
Use this to change the default text color for the main title and sidebar titles. Note that you will still need to manually change the color of any wikilinks using a span tag, i.e.
[[Unincorporated community|<span style="color:gold">Communities</span>]]
autocollapse : (default) the navigation box will start out collapsed if there are two or more collapsible tables on the same page.
collapsed : the navigation box will always start out in a collapsed state.
blank or anything other than the above (expanded, etc.) : always start out in an expanded state.

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