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Like {{lang}} but for right-to-left scripts like Arabic or Hebrew alphabet.

* {{rtl-lang|ar|اللغة العربية}}
* {{rtl-lang|he|עברית}}


  • اللغة العربية
  • עברית

Of course, transliterations of these languages are in the Latin script, therefore in these cases the adequate template is {{lang}} and not {{rtl-lang}}:

* The transliteration of "{{rtl-lang|ar|اللغة العربية}}" is "{{lang|ar-Latn|''al-‘arabiyyah''}}".
* The transliteration of "{{rtl-lang|he|עברית}}" is "{{lang|he-Latn|''‘Ivrit''}}".
  • The transliteration of "اللغة العربية‎" is "al-‘arabiyyah".
  • The transliteration of "עברית‎" is "‘Ivrit".


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