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Popular Article: Chosen People

The concept of the Chosen People stems from the idea of the Israelites being chosen by God
Various groups have considered themselves chosen by God for some purpose such as to act as God's agent on earth. The sense of being a chosen people occurs in both religious and nonreligious contexts.

Specifically, in the Hebrew Bible, the phrase Chosen People refers to the ancient Hebrews/Israelites. As mentioned in the book of Exodus, the Hebrew people are God's chosen people and from them shall come the Messiah, or redeemer of the human race. The Israelites also possess the "Word of God" and/or "Law of God" in the form of the Torah as communicated by God to Moses. Jews and, by extension, Christians consider themselves to be the "chosen people." Adherents to Islam make, by the same extension as Christians, the same claim of chosenness by accepting what they see as the validity of the Law of God as told by Moses; as do other religions that are built on those same laws.