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Pirates and privateers
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Pirates • Privateers
Buccaneers • Corsairs
Barbary pirates • Wokou

Jolly Roger
Golden Age of Piracy
Timeline of piracy
List of pirate films

Piracy in the Caribbean
Piracy in the Strait of Malacca
Port Royal • Tortuga • Saint-Malo
Libertatia • Barbary Coast

Famous Pirates and Privateers:

Sir Francis DrakeSir Henry Morgan
Bartholomew Roberts • Grace O'Malley
Blackbeard • Redbeard
Anne Bonny • Mary Read
Robert Surcouf • René Duguay-Trouin
Stede Bonnet • Jean Bart
François l'Ollonais • William Kidd
Calico Jack Rackham • Henry Every
List of pirates

Naval officers:

Robert Maynard • Captain Ogle
William Rhett


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