Template:Navigational templates

collapsible Image Groups Default header color Style parameter Example
{{Navigation}} NavFrame No No #efefef No {{OPEC}}
{{Navigation with image}} NavFrame Left/right of body No #efefef No {{Cetaceans}}
{{Dynamic navigation box}} collapsible No No #ccccff Yes {{CSUHeads}}
{{Dynamic navigation box with image}} NavFrame Upper left No #efefef No {{Cities and towns in Ostalb (district)}}
{{Navbox generic}} collapsible No Yes #ccccff Yes {{Dilbert}}
{{Navbox generic with image}} collapsible Right-hand side Yes #ccccff Yes
{{NavigationBox}} No Right of header+body No #ccccff No {{EPA}}
{{Navigation no hide}} No No No #eee No
{{Commons:NavigationBox}} No Right of header+body No #ccccff No
{{Commons:Dynamic navigation box}} NavFrame No No #ccccff No
{{Commons:Dynamic navigation box with image}}  NavFrame Upper left No #efefef No
CSS class collapses when custom initial state Nesting
NavFrame NavFrame 3+ of the same No Yes
collapsible navbox, collapsible 2+ of the same Yes No
† For the technically minded, see MediaWiki:Common.js.


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