Template:Location map start

Creates a location map as a composite image of an existing map in orthographic projection with a marker and a label superimposed onto it.

Begins with {{Location map start}}, follows {{Location map marker}} and finishes with {{Location map end}} (see usage).



{{Location map start|location
 |float=left or right or none
 |width=width of the map
{{Location map marker|location
 |lat=latitude in degrees
 |long=longitude in degrees
 |background=color - background color for the label, defaults to none 
 |mark=image file name - a red dot by default
 |mark size= default is 8x8px
 |position=left or right - position of the label relative to the mark, defaults to right
{{Location map end|location
 |caption=caption - caption below the map

Parameter location refers to Template:Location map location containing the name and coordinates of a map. For example Template:Location map Slovenia (backlinks, edit), which in turn refers to Image:Obcine Slovenija 2005.png.

Available maps

List of templates Template:Location map location (here without prefix "Template:"):

Location map Location map/Info Location map/doc
Location map Angola Location map Azerbaijan
Location map Bolivia Location map Bosnia Location map Botswana
Location map Burundi Location map Canada Nova Scotia
Location map China Location map Croatia Location map Democratic Republic of the Congo
Location map Ecuador Location map Eritrea Location map Germany
Location map Gloucestershire Location map Greater London Location map Greece
Location map Guatemala Location map Guinea Location map Guyana
Location map India Location map Indonesia
Location map Iran Location map Isle of Man Location map Israel
Location map Israel north haifa Location map Kazakhstan Location map Kyrgyzstan
Location map Lebanon Location map Mali
Location map Morocco Location map Myanmar Location map Nepal
Location map Nigeria Location map Northern Ireland Location map Pakistan
Location map Peru Location map Poland Location map Republic of the Congo
Location map Russia Location map Rwanda Location map Scotland
Location map Senegal Location map Somerset Location map South Africa
Location map Sri Lanka Location map Sudan Location map Switzerland
Location map Tajikistan Location map Tanzania Location map Turkmenistan
Location map UAE Location map UAE en-map.png Location map USA
Location map USA Alaska Location map USA California Location map USA Hawaii
Location map Uganda Location map United Kingdom Location map United Kingdom Leicestershire
Location map Uzbekistan Location map Vietnam Location map Zambia
Location map end Location map many Location map marker
Location map start

Creating new maps

  1. Find an appropriate blank map in an orthographic projection.
  2. Create a template named Template:Location map location (copy the content of any other map template into it and enter appropriate values).


Doesn't handle longitude properly for maps crossing the +/- 180 meridian yet.

For coordinates with western longitude don't forget the minus sign!

example: {{Location map marker|Westernland|label=Westerntown|lat=46.05|long=-14.5}}


{{Location map start|Slovenia|float=left|width=100}}
{{Location map marker|Slovenia|label=Ljubljana|lat=46.05|long=14.5}}
{{Location map end|Slovenia|caption=Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia}}
[[image:Template:Location map Slovenia|100px|Ljubljana (Template:Location map Slovenia)]]
<div style="position: absolute; z-index: 2; top: Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "[".%; left: Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "[".%; height: 0; width: 0; margin: 0; padding: 0;"><div style="position: relative; text-align: center; left: -Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "[".px; top: -Expression error: Unrecognised punctuation character "[".px; width: Template:Location map Sloveniapx; font-size: Template:Location map Sloveniapx;">[[Image:Template:Location map Slovenia|Template:Location map SloveniaxTemplate:Location map Sloveniapx|Ljubljana]]
Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia

{{Location map start|Slovenia|float=right}}
{{Location map marker|Slovenia|label=Nova Gorica|lat=45.95|long=13.63|background=white}}
{{Loctiona map marker|Slovenia|label=Maribor|lat=46.55|long=15.64}}
{{Location map end|Slovenia}}
[[Image:Template:Location map Slovenia|200px]]

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Red pog.svg
Nova Gorica

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Red pog.svg
Map of Template:Location map Slovenia


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