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Born: {{{birthdate}}}
Died: {{{deathdate}}}
Batted: {{{bats}}} Threw: {{{throws}}}
MLB debut
{{{debutdate}}}, {{{debutyear}}}
for the {{{debutteam}}}
Final game
{{{finaldate}}}, {{{finalyear}}}
for the {{{finalteam}}}
Career statistics
{{{stat1label}}}     {{{stat1value}}}
{{{stat2label}}}     {{{stat2value}}}
{{{stat3label}}}     {{{stat3value}}}
Career highlights and awards
  • No notable achievements
Member of the National
Empty Star.svg Baseball Hall of Fame Empty Star.svg
Elected    {{{hofdate}}}
Vote    {{{hofvote}}}
Election Method    {{{hofmethod}}}

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