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Comment This template contains one or more optional parameters: see the talk page for details.

This template employs some extremely complicated and esoteric features of template syntax. Please do not attempt to alter it unless you are certain that you understand the setup and are prepared to repair any consequent collateral damage if the results are unexpected. Any experiments should be conducted via the template sandbox or your user space.

Position {{{position}}}
0 ft 0 in (0 m)
Nationality Flag of Earth Earth
Born {{{birth_date}}},
Pro career {{{career_start}}} – present

This infobox is to be used for ice hockey players. Suggestions on change should be noted in the talk page.


You must enter fields exactly as shown below (ie: letter case matters!). Please follow the guidelines provided in parenthesis for best results:

Required fields

Failure to fill in data for any of the following fields WILL NOT delete that field from the infobox

  • position
(all positions can be wikified. ie: use [[Centre (ice hockey)|Centre]], [[Defenceman (ice hockey)|Defence]], [[Winger (ice hockey)|Left Wing/Right Wing]], [[Goaltender]])
  • height_ft
  • height_in
  • weight_lb
  • nationality
(correctly spell the name of the country. DO NOT WIKIFY THE COUNTRY NAMES. The country template will not take over if you add [[ ]] around the country name)
  • birth_date (city, then comma, then country (use[[country|country's abbreviation]]))
  • birth_place
  • career_start
(first pro year. Remember that top national leagues in Europe and Russia are pro leagues. Check out the player's history on hockeydb.com)

Optional fields

Failure to fill in data for any of the following fields WILL delete that field from the infobox

  • shoots or catches
(choose one based on if player is a skater or a goalie. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that one of these two field choices is used in the template. The only reason that this field has been made optional is because there is discretion involved in choosing which of the two to use in the infobox, based on whether the player is a skater or a goalie)
  • team (current NHL team the player plays for. Enter FULL NAME of team)
  • league (use abbreviation. ie: [[Russian Hockey Super League|RSL]] or [[Swedish Elite League|SEL]] or [[NHL]]. If league name is relatively short, you can use the full name. ie: [[SM-liiga]]. Infobox WILL flex to accommodate the name)
  • played_for (pro teams a retired player played for. Enter FULL NAME of teams)
  • draft (position taken overall in NHL draft)
  • draft_year
  • draft_team (enter FULL NAME of team, NO ABBREVIATION. ie: [[Edmonton Oilers]])
  • wha_draft (position taken overall in WHA draft)
  • wha_draft_year
  • wha_draft_team (enter FULL NAME of team, NO ABBREVIATION. ie: [[Cleveland Crusaders]])
  • image (filename)
  • image_caption image caption
  • image_size
(width in px, default is original image size. Try to use 230px, if image is too pixelated upon article preview, leave field blank and image will be shrunk to original size)
  • nationality_2 (if a player has dual citizenship)
  • death_date
  • death_place
  • career_end (year)
  • former_teams
(Display only former teams that were in professional leagues at the time player was on them. Try placing a <br /> after each team, so each new team starts on a new line. ie: enter [[Edmonton Oilers]]<br /> [[New York Rangers]]<br /> [[Florida Panthers]])
  • prospect_league (for players who have been drafted by an NHL team, but have yet to play a game. Any entry into this field will also automatically place the title (prospect) next to the pro team listed)
  • prospect_team (for players who have been drafted, but have yet to play in the NHL)
  • halloffame (year of induction)
  • website (player's official website)

Full empty example

{{Infobox Ice Hockey Player
| image           = 
| image_caption   =
| image_size      = 
| position        = 
| shoots          = 
| shot            = 
| catches         = 
| caught          = 
| height_ft       = 
| height_in       = 
| weight_lb       = 
| team            = 
| league          = 
| prospect_team   = 
| prospect_league =
| former_teams    = 
| played_for      = 
| nationality     = 
| nationality_2   = 
| birth_date      = 
| birth_place     = 
| death_date      = 
| death_place     = 
| draft           = 
| draft_year      = 
| draft_team      = 
| wha_draft       =  
| wha_draft_year  = 
| wha_draft_team  = 
| career_start    = 
| career_end      = 
| halloffame      = 
| website         = 

Example for Aleš Hemský

On the left is the format you should use to enter the Ice Hockey Player infobox into an article. The result is shown on the right.

Position Right Wing
Shoots Right
6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
192 lb (87 kg/13 st 10 lb)
NHL Team Edmonton Oilers
Nationality Flag of Czech Republic Czech Republic
Born August 13 1983 (1983-08-13) (age 38),
Pardubice, CS
NHL Draft 13th overall, 2001
Edmonton Oilers
Pro career 1999 – present
{{Infobox Ice Hockey Player
| image = Hemskydraft.png
| image_size = 200px
| position = [[Winger (ice hockey)|Right Wing]]
| shoots = Right
| height_ft = 6
| height_in = 0
| weight_lb = 192
| team = [[Edmonton Oilers]]
| league = [[NHL]]
| nationality = CZE
| birth_date = {{Birth date and age|1983|8|13|mf=y}}
| birth_place = [[Pardubice]], [[Czechoslovakia|CS]]
| draft = 13th overall
| draft_year = 2001
| draft_team = [[Edmonton Oilers]]
| career_start = 1999 <!--Czech Extraliga is a pro league. -->


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