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(漢族 or 汉族)
Soong Ch'ing-ling · Sun Yat-sen · Chiang Kai-shek · Qin Shi Huang
Soong Ch'ing-ling · Sun Yat-sen · Chiang Kai-shek · Qin Shi Huang
Total population
1.3 billion
(estimate includes overseas Chinese)
Regions with significant populations
Majority populations
Flag of People's Republic of China People's Republic of China 1,207,541,842 [1]
Flag of Hong Kong Hong Kong 6,593,410 [2]
Flag of Macau Macau 433,641 [3]
Flag of Republic of China Republic of China (Taiwan) 22,575,365 [4]
Flag of Singapore Singapore 2,684,936 [5]
Flag of Christmas Island Christmas Island, Australia 1,045 [6]
Minority populations
     Flag of Indonesia Indonesia 7,566,200 [7]
     Flag of Thailand Thailand 7,053,240 [8]
     Flag of Malaysia Malaysia 6,590,500 [9]
     Flag of United States United States 3,376,031 [10]
     Flag of Canada Canada 1,612,173 [11]
     Flag of Peru Peru 1,300,000 [12]
     Flag of Vietnam Vietnam 1,263,570 [13]
     Flag of Philippines Philippines 1,146,250 [14]
     Flag of Myanmar Myanmar 1,101,314 [15]
     Flag of Russia Russia 998,000 [16]
     Flag of Australia Australia 614,694 [17]
     Flag of Japan Japan 519,561 [18]
     Flag of Cambodia Cambodia 343,855 [19]
     Flag of United Kingdom United Kingdom 296,623 [20]
     Flag of France France 230,515 [21]
     Flag of India India 189,470 [22]
     Flag of Laos Laos 185,765 [23]
     Flag of Brazil Brazil 151,649 [24]
     Flag of Netherlands Netherlands 144,928 [25]
     Flag of South Korea South Korea 137,790 [26]
     Flag of New Zealand New Zealand 110,000 [27]
     Flag of Panama Panama over 100,000 [28]
     Flag of Serbia Serbia over 100,000 [29]
Chinese languages
Predominantly Taoism, Mahayana Buddhism, traditional Chinese religions, and atheism. Small but significant Christian and Muslim minorities.


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