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Jane Seymour
Lady Jane Seymour (1507/1508–October 24, 1537), was a queen of England and the third wife of Henry VIII, who bore him the son and heir he so ardently desired in Edward VI. Henry courted her while still married to Anne Boleyn. She became betrothed to Henry just one day after the execution of Anne. They were married ten days later on May 30, 1536.

A more conservative character than her predecessor as queen, she devoted herself to obedience to Henry and bearing him a male heir. Although she achieved her aim, she died of post-natal complications following the birth Edward VI, her only child. After her death she was remembered with respect and honor for producing an heir to England's throne. Edward did not reign long, however, and was succeeded by his half-sisters, Mary and Elizabeth.

Lady Jane's role in recent years has been much debated, with some seeing her as a model of grace and humility, and others suspecting that she conspired quietly but ruthlessly do away with her rival, Anne Boleyn.