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A windmill is a machine with rotating blades that is designed to convert the energy of the wind into more useful forms. The term also refers to the entire structure that carries (and includes) the machine. In much of Europe, windmills have served to grind grain and pump water. Most modern windmills, more appropriately called wind turbines, are used to generate electric power.

From a Unification perspective, we can make the following points:

  • Windmills have been very useful inventions for human civilization. They have enabled us to harness wind energy to perform tasks that would be extremely arduous to do by physical labor.
  • The invention and manufacture of windmills is a manifestation of human intelligence and creativity. These attributes are linked to the human spiritual dimension and set us apart from all other known species on Earth. These attributes also reflect God's intelligence and creative nature.
  • By using windmills, humans can exert stewardship over the natural world. This corresponds to what the Unification principle calls the fulfillment of God's Third Great Blessing to humanity.
  • Just as wind energy has been serving humanity, it provides us with an internal guiding principle: to live for the sake of others. By so doing, we can build a world of peace and happiness.
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