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For most people, a tall building, especially one the size of the Sears Tower in Chicago, is a sure sign of the progress of modern man, or it can be a journey to a lofty observation deck providing a great way to see the sights for miles and miles. The view from the top of the Sears Tower is one of the world's most inspiring, for it provides vistas of Chicago's impressive skyline to the northeast, Lake Michigan to the East, and unobstructed views of downtown and suburban Chicago to the south, west, and north—not to mention the plains of Illinois and even Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan on a clear day.

A skyscraper can also mean many centrally located offices, shops, and professional services, conveniently located near public transportation. Yet for the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the intrinsic value of sky-high structures are found elsewhere. For him, it is nothing less than a true romantic opportunity, where humankind's passions can be exalted in a fittingly royal manner:

If a man and a woman have a date on top of [a] building, 102 stories above the ground, it's very romantic. But why is such a date considered romantic? A tall building is unique, and the two people are getting together at one of the highest points on the land. Even though no one notices, they feel they're coming together as a king and queen, meeting on the top of the world. [1]

Like the builders of the Sears Tower, Reverend Moon also understands the practical value of skyscrapers in terms of a corporate headquarters for a world enterprise. However, in his mind, the purpose of such a headquarters would not be a profit-making business but a center for restoring the world to God's ideal, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Buildings such as the Sears Tower definitely have a place in this vision. As Reverend Moon reported:

In 1969, I went up to the top of the Empire State Building accompanied by a few members of our family, and looking down on all New York, I told them we would eventually need to buy quite a few of these tall buildings.[2]

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