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Unification Aspects:

Hinduism teaches that whenever humanity is threatened by extreme social disorder and wickedness, God will descend into the world as an avatar to restore righteousness, establish cosmic order, and redeem humanity from danger. The avatar doctrine presents a view of divinity that is compatible with evolutionary thinking since it suggests a gradual progression of avatars from amphibian through mammal to later human and godly forms. Most importantly, the concept of avatar presents the theological view of a deeply personal and loving God who cares about the fate of humanity rather than ignores it. Time and time again, the various avatars are willing to intervene on humanity's behalf to protect its overall cosmic wellbeing (loka-samgraha).

This particular Hindu view of God (one of many) as a personal loving being, as well as the ideas of redemption and restoration implied by it, are in some ways also central to the theology of Unificationism. Unification though sees humanity evolving towards cosmic restoration and the fulfillment of the three blessings. Correspondingly, Vaishnava Hinduism provides an evolutionary, spiritual model in the portrayal of its avatars from fish to advanced beings. It adds that an avatar savior being will come at the end of time to fulfill cosmic (destruction and) restoration.
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