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"Satan realizes in advance a defective form of God's ideal, at the consummation of history there will emerge an unprincipled world with the pretense of having restored the three great blessings under the leadership of a satanic antitype of Christ at the Second Advent...Stalin was the satanic antitype of Christ at the Second Advent...Stalin thus created a vast communist world which realized defectively the outward form of the three great blessings. The fact that...We must understand that the communist world is the unprincipled and flawed imitation of the world of God's ideal." (Exposition of Divine Principle 1996, 4.2.4 The Providential Results of the First World War, 4.3.6 The Providential Results of the Second World War, 4.4.3 The Providential Causes behind the Third World War)

"Considered from the viewpoint of the intellect, the human Fall represents humanity's descent into ignorance. People are composed of two aspects: internal and external, or mind and body; likewise, the intellect consists of two aspects: internal and external. In the same way, there are two types of ignorance: internal ignorance and external ignorance. Internal ignorance, in religious terms, is spiritual ignorance. It is ignorance of such questions as: What is the origin of human beings? What is the purpose of life? What happens after death? Do God and the next world exist? What is the nature of good and evil? External ignorance refers to ignorance of the natural world, including the human body. It is ignorance of such issues as: What is the origin of the physical universe? What are the natural laws governing all phenomena?" (Exposition of the Divine Principle 1996, pp.2,3)

"The primary characteristics of the fallen nature can be divided broadly into four types. The first is failing to take God's standpoint...The second is leaving one's proper position...The third is reversing dominion...The fourth is multiplying the criminal act." (Exposition of the Divine Principle 1996, pp.73,74)

From this point of view, the life and activities of Lysenko are a straight forward manifestation of both types of ignorance and of the danger to society that they cause. From the stand point of internal ignorance, first, he failed to see himself and others from God's point of view. He was infamous for his inability to digest criticism and manage his anger. Though he had all rights to disagree with genetics, it was not his business to claim it as "pseudoscience." The next step was the reversal of dominion. Lysenko owes his own rise to power, first and foremost, to Vavilov. In 1934 Vavilov proposed him as a candidate to the Academy of Science of USSR, perhaps because he saw some potential. Later Lysenko used all his power not only to demote Vavilov, but to physically liquidate him, his followers and his ideas. Finally, he multiplied evil through publication of his own ideas, specifically those of an ideological nature.

All this can not be seen in separation from the social and political situation of the time in Russia. Since Stalin was building Satan's imitation of God's ideal, many people were prone to act in essentially the same manner as Stalin. It can be said that it was expected from Lysenko to do what he did. In this respect he could be seen as Stalin in miniature, or as an agricultural version of Stalin, which was in turn a result of Stalin's own fallen nature. This was a multiplication of evil.
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