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The Daily Telegraph is one of the three major British national "quality" newspapers, the others being The Times and The Guardian. In addition to its daily printed version, it also maintains a high quality online version. As such it carries the responsibility of presenting to the British public, information and opinion about newsworthy events in a timely and accurate manner.

Despite its obvious Conservative sympathies and the fact that less than half of the British population are conservative, the paper remains popular, significantly outselling the other national papers. Additionally, it has been known to publish errors of fact, although these are usually apologized for, often with humor. Thus, it can be seen that the Telegraph has loyal customer support. With such an audience, comes responsibility. As stated by the World Media Association founded by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, it is the responsibility of those whose profession is communication:

to use the full extent of our abilities and influence to encourage the dissemination of truth and morality, and to work toward social betterment. The power of a moral media can guarantee that each generation bequeaths to the next a more peaceful, safer world than it has known.

To fulfill this responsibility to the public, The Daily Telegraph needs to maintain not only high standards in its presentation and writing style, but also to reflect the internal qualities of truth and goodness. Through such an effort, it can substantially contribute to the improvement of human society.

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