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Robert Park realized that the mass media, like newspapers, is a powerful tool in influencing people. It can be used to change public opinion and influence politics, economy, art, and other aspects of social life. Park wanted to create objective newspapers, which would deliver more accurate information, and such balance society in a positive way.

Park's work on social groups led him to believe that human beings function on a level different from that of the rest of creation. He saw human free will and morality as foundational to our social relationships and ability to work together for the common good. In other words, he saw that it is natural for human beings to live for the sake of others, not just exist for themselves as individuals.

Park believed that all minorities would eventually merge into the main culture, as in a "melting pot," learning to break down barriers and overcome social distance. Reverend Moon has often spoken in this fashion, saying that nobody should claim their nationality, but regard themselves as children of God, finally establishing Cheon Il Guk, the culture of heart.

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