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Unification Aspects:

The phenomenon of reflection is extremely valuable for our daily lives. For instance, the reflection of visible light allows us to see objects that do not produce their own light. The reflection of microwaves is useful for radar scanners. The reflection of sound waves in a theater or concert hall enlivens an onstage production. The reflection of seismic waves allow researchers to study the Earth's structure and prospectors to look for petroleum and other natural resources. The reflection of visible light is also often used for aesthetic purposes.

From a Unification perspective, several points can be made:

  • The phenomenon of reflection is based on underlying principles of how matter interacts with energy (such as the interaction between an object and a light wave or sound wave). Thus, a material object not only has an external shape and structure, but its behavior is directed by invisible principles.
  • The phenomenon of reflection has so many practical consequences, it is difficult to conceive of life without it. Thus, it is one of the many gifts given to us by the Creator.
  • Our desire and ability to study reflection are indications of our internal mental traits (such as intelligence and analytical ability) and the heart that motivates us. These attributes are linked to our spiritual dimension and are indicative of God's intelligence and God's heart in the creative process.
  • By studying and using the phenomenon of reflection in creative ways, we exert stewardship (or a dominion of true love) over the world of nature.
  • By sharing our knowledge and technological innovations with others, we can spread the benefits to others, enhance their lives, and build a peaceful world.
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