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Unification Aspects: Ray Charles was one of the icons of American popular music during the last half of the twentieth century. Ray began his career as a Rhythm and Blues musician, but his popularity was in part based on his ability to transcend any individual form of music and create dynamic syntheses between R & B with blues, gospel music and even country music. His pop music treatment of gospel music originally raised the ire of many, but in the end came to be generally accepted. Ray struggled for much of his life with a heroin addiction, but eventually overcame it "cold turkey." Like all African-American musicians, he struggled with the problem of racism during his lifetime. He was criticized for not speaking out more, but through his artistry, he probably did as much to bring black and white together as many who did speak out. Ray's appreciation for all kinds of music and audiences won him many fans of all races and creeds. His life points to the unifying aspects of art, and especially music.
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