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It appears that many of the causal factors in pyromania relate primarily to the family, and social relationships that range from unfulfilling to dysfunctional. It is also of note that successful treatment of pyromania in children includes family therapy and community interventions using positive adult role models, while the prognosis for treatment in adults is poor to fair.

The family is the basic unit of human society. History shows that human societies in all ages functioned based on family units. Yet, there has never been an ideal human family. Unification Thought explains that while the family is the fundamental unit of human society, and the ideal of God's creation, it is exactly that fundamental structure that was lost by original human ancestors. As a result, people have never known the joy and fulfillment of living in a true family, and in fact have suffered a myriad of social and emotional problems, only one of which is pyromania.

The family is the "school of love" where children experience love in all its dimensions, the four realms of heart. In the family, the relationship between man and woman, as husband and wife, is the ultimate experience of horizontal love which begins in the relationship among siblings. But love also has a vertical dimension. It is the vertical love of parents that truly brings one closest to God's heart, for God loves people as their parents do. In fact, Reverend Sun Myung Moon has pointed out that God is actually the oldest grandparent!

When children do not experience true love in the family, even experiencing the ultimate false love, observing domestic violence and experiencing incest, they cannot fulfill their desires for love normally. Fire is a wonderful and entrancing thing — a flickering flame is a thing of beauty and endless fascination. Due to our ability to control fire, it has played an enormous role in the development of human civilization. However, control over fire and appreciating its beauty are different from the obsession of the pyromaniac. When starting and watching fires becomes the greatest pleasure in life, their source of "love," such a person is far from fulfilling their true purpose and potential in life.

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