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Psychokinesis (PK), or telekinesis, is the ability to use one's mind to directly influence matter or energy in the physical world. While the public often enjoys the spectacle of performances, this ability is often treated as a form of trickery, similar to the magician's sleight of hand.

Parapsychologists have seriously investigated the phenomenon, considered one of several psi phenomena, and have attempted to provide scientific proof of its existence. Their results have not convinced the skeptics, partly because even when results are outside the parameters attributable to chance, other factors can be invoked to explain them.

Some have invoked spiritual explanations of the phenomena, as in the Spiritualist movement popular during the nineteenth century. Coming from the opposite direction, parapsychologists have invoked PK as the source of alleged spiritual phenomena, like poltergeists.

A true understanding of these phenomena requires a coming together of science and religion, such that the understanding of senses is broadened to include the "extrasensory" abilities and combined with an understanding of the reality of the spiritual world and the internal nature of the human mind and its relationship to all things in existence.

Unification Ontology explains that all things exist in a layered structure from the simplest to the most complex; and all exist with a duality of internal nature (or "mind") and external form (or "body"). Humans, as the most complex beings, contain the elements of all lower beings as well as having additional, more complex elements. Thus, human beings have a connection to all things in the universe, with the result that the human mind has the (potential) ability to influence matter and energy outside themselves without using physical means.

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