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The sketchy history of Pope Evaristus provides little reliable information. In fact, since the papacy as such did not yet exist, he was probably not a "pope" at all, but simply a prominent leader of the Roman church. What little is reported about him in the Liber Pontificalis appears to be anachronistic. One report which there is no reason to doubt is that Evaristus was a Jew from Bethlehem. If true, this shows that Jewish Christians were still prominent at Rome in early second century.

The other important fact about Evaristus is that he was supposedly a martyr. There is reason to suspect this, however, since it follows a tradition that all the early popes were martyrs, and he is not even listed as such in the Catholic calendar of saints today. However, he may indeed have been a leader at Rome during the persecutions of Domitian, and Christian tradition holds that the church of this period suffered greatly. The Divine Principle views this period of persecution as paralleling the 400 year period of the slavery of the Jews in Egypt during the Old Testament Age, with the Christians in the position of the New Israel.

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