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Unification Aspects:

According to Unification Thought, creation of life involves a step by step process, with each stage building on the foundation of earlier stages. Thus, the pelycosaur served as the foundation for mammals, and eventually even humans.

Specifically, Unification Thought presents the view that God conceived first the image of humans, then the image of animals, plants, minerals, and so forth—with the image of people as the standard. Then in the phenomenal world, God created everything in the opposite direction, starting from minerals, to plants, and so forth. In the stage from minerals to plants, the element of life was added. When animals were created, instinct and nervous system were added, etc. The creation of humans added the spiritual aspect. According to Unification Thought, animals and plants did not evolve by chance, but according to a plan, although superficially it might appear otherwise.

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